PETnology Europe 2019 Programme Highlight

The Evolution of PET Bottles in a Sustainability-focused World


Rosemarie Downey

Global Head of Packaging Research

Rosemarie Downey heads up the global packaging research at Euromonitor International. Rosemarie holds more than 20 years of experience in research of the international consumer packaging industry and of retail consumer goods.


At PETnology Europe 2019, Rosemarie Downey will share insights from Euromonitor’s latest research. The call for sustainable packaging solutions continues with plastics firmly at the centre of this. This presentation will discuss the drivers shaping plastic packaging, also examine current demand and trends for PET in the drinks arena. In 2018, PET bottles accounted for 15% of global grocery sales and enjoyed a more embedded 87% of all packaged soft drinks units sold through the retail channel.