PETnology Europe 2019 Programme Highlight

How to Combine the Sustainability Benefit of Tethered Regulation (SUP) with the Consumer Drinking Experience


Bruno Königseder

Director Innovation Beverage, Aptar Food+Beverage


One challenge with tethered caps is that they affect the consumer experience differently, depending on where they are used. With a sport cap, consumers usually drink from the spout, so a tethered closure would not likely diminish their drinking experience. However, when it comes to flat caps, a tethered closure can actually create a negative consumer experience, as consumers are used to drinking or pouring from a bottle without any closure attached. This presented Aptar with the challenge of creating a closure that remains attached to the bottle, while at the same time, does not hinder the consumer’s drinking experience. Part of the solution stems from hinge functionality – allowing the closure to be far away from the consumer’s face when drinking – and the intuitiveness of the closure.