17.02.2017 | SMI Group | S.Giovanni Bianco (BG) | Italy

SMI has delivered 6,000 machines

SMI Group is proud of this result reached in 30 years of operation thanks to the continuous innovation of their range of products.

The success was made possible by SMI's corporate mission for cutting-edge bottling and packaging solutions which, inspired by the principles of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), aim at a whole integration,...

17.02.2017 | Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH | Königsbrunn | Germany

P2B Engineering named as distributor for Ettlinger’s high performance melt filters in Turkey

Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH, the manufacturer of high performance melt filters and injection molding machines for high shot weights, has further expanded its worldwide sales network. Since the fall of 2016, P2B Engineering & Consultancy of Istanbul has been responsible for marketing Ettlinger melt filters in Turkey. Established by Managing...

10.02.2017 | Bühler AG | Uzwil | Switzerland

Bühler invests and grows

Bühler showed a healthy performance in 2016. While continuing its policy of reinvesting profits to secure future development, the company has continued its growth path. Order intake in 2016 was up 3% to CHF 2.54 billion, compared to a decline of 4% in 2015. Turnover rose by 2% to CHF 2.45 billion, and profitability remained stable at 7.1% (EBIT...

23.01.2017 | Holland Colours Americas Inc. | Richmond, Indiana | USA

The Natural Collection - Colorants for use with biopolymers

Holland Colours Americas Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of The Natural Collection, a new bio-derived colorant for use in cosmetic packaging and other commercial applications. A global specialist in customer-specific coloring products, Holland Colours is the first company to develop a product line in which color pigments are non-toxic and...

09.01.2017 | PolyOne | Cleveland | USA

INVISIO™ COLOR INSPIRATION 2018 from PolyOne empowers color strategies for designs that captivate

The popularity of some colors may come and go in product designs. On the other hand, color trends based on deep-rooted societal changes have greater authenticity and staying power. These longer-term trends are reflected in PolyOne’s new InVisiO™ Color Inspiration collection for 2018 and beyond. 

In general, the palettes found in color forecasts...

PET processing
12.09.2016 | Moretto S.p.A. | Massanzago, PD | Italy

K 2016: Moretto on show in Düsseldorf

At this year’s show the Italian company Moretto, a leader in automation technology for the plastics processing industry, will present several exclusive solutions: MOISTURE METER, a resin moisture analyzer; XD 10, a high performance mini-dryer; DGM, a continuous batch gravimetric dosing unit; and EXA, a conveying system for up to six stations.

Preform developements
30.11.2016 | Société Générale des Techniques, SGT France | Rezé | France

A new barrier solution for UHT milk packaging

Specialists in the manufacture of preforms in polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Société Générale des Techniques launched a range of preforms onto the market specially designed to package UHT milk. One year after becoming available, the preforms have already been adopted by the dairy industry.

Quality & Diagnostic, Preform moulding, Blow Moulding & Coating
30.09.2016 | IMD AG | Bruegg, BE | Switzerland

The new IMDvista LAYER: Measuring layer thickness of bottles and preforms with terahertz-technology

At the manufacturing stage of bottles and preforms, a quintessential step to ensure consistent quality involves the precise measurement of each layer of plastic. Current techniques for measuring the thickness of mono-layer and multi-layer plastic bottles and preforms are often contact-based, destructive and time-consuming. Ranging from cutting the...

PET injection machines
20.09.2016 | SACMI | Imola | Italy

PET preforms: Parmalat goes for SACMI technology

A new IPS 220 - part of a fully automated production centre, web-connected to maximise performance and efficiency – has been successfully installed and started up. The result: the highest-performing and lightest milk bottle preform on the Italian market and, with “SACMI Total Care”, an Industry 4.0-oriented approach to production and service.

Blow Moulding & Coating
13.02.2017 | Sidel | Hünenberg | Switzerland

Sidel's Eco Booster: Maximise profit, minimise costs, improve sustainablity

Sidel is helping beverage producers to maximise cost efficiency while simultaneously improving sustainability with ECO Booster™, a service suitably developed for customers already operating Sidel blowers. ECO Booster, part of the Sidel Services™ portfolio, can provide measurable savings by reducing the consumption of materials, electricity and...

Bottle design
25.01.2017 | PET Technologies | Neunkirchen | Austria

PET bottle to reflect traditional Ukrainian ornaments

PET Technologies Company together with the partner Packing Equipment Plant «Thermo-Pack» have successfully carried out a joint project and installed acomplete filling line to bottle Krayna TM water produced by Akazia 2013. “We wanted to connect our trademark with the Ukrainian style, way of life, national traditions and customs”, says Dmitriy...

Bottle developments
24.01.2017 | Sidel | Hünenberg | Switzerland

Sidel StarLite Tropical brings increased resistance and stability to all PET bottles for CSD

The new Sidel StarLite Tropical base is enlarging the family of StarLite bottle[1] solutions originally developed by Sidel packaging experts. This latest addition to the range is designed to offer a flexible solution for CSD, in all packaging sizes from 0.25 to 3 litres. Additionally, it is applicable to the different standard levels of...

Filling & Aseptic, Blow moulding machines, Capping technology
18.01.2017 | Sidel | Hünenberg | Switzerland

Sidel PET Complete Water Solution: Improving every aspect of production from lightweighting through to performance and hygiene

Success for producers bottling still and sparkling water requires a focus on output and efficiency, combined with an uncompromising commitment to food safety. By taking a holistic view of the production cycle, a fully connected line can be optimised through a combination of lightweight packaging, great efficiency and hygiene, always keeping the...

Filling & Aseptic, Blow Moulding & Coating
21.11.2016 | Gebo Cermex | Reichstett | France

AGILITY 4.0™: The vehicle to help producers achieve all the benefits of Industry 4.0

At Brau Beviale 2016, Gebo Cermex unveiled the Agility 4.0™ programme. By increasing the productivity of beverage manufacturing plants, making them more connected, flexible and responsive – in a word, agile – this Advanced Production Systems programme plays a major role in making the factory of tomorrow a reality today.

Filling & Aseptic, Blow moulding machines
13.10.2016 | Sidel | Hünenberg | Switzerland

Protect sensitive drinks and optimise total cost of ownershio of PET bottling complete lines with Sidel hot fill solutions

With 45 years of experience in hot filling and over 1,000 pieces of equipment for hot fill packaging installed worldwide, Sidel is highlighting how beverage producers can safely handle sensitive and natural beverages such as juices, teas and sports drinks. Sidel ensures beverage safety with tailored PET?packaging solutions to provide a complete top...

Markets, Compression moulding
19.01.2017 | Sacmi | Imola (BO) | Italy

Compression and total quality control, the Sacmi response to the Indian market

Group soon to take part in the Plastivision fair in Mumbai (19-23 January 2017). Visitors will have a great chance to see the CCM press – the world’s most competitive solution for the production of single-piece caps for CSD, water, hot filling and cold aseptic filling – working in synergy with advanced cap and preform vision systems developed by...

Filling & Aseptic, Blow moulding machines, Capping technology
18.01.2017 | Sidel | Hünenberg | Switzerland

Sidel PET Complete Water Solution: Improving every aspect of production from lightweighting through to performance and hygiene

Success for producers bottling still and sparkling water requires a focus on output and efficiency, combined with an uncompromising commitment to food safety. By taking a holistic view of the production cycle, a fully connected line can be optimised through a combination of lightweight packaging, great efficiency and hygiene, always keeping the...

Caps & Closures
08.12.2016 | RPC Obrist Iberia SLU | Madrid | Spain

New 38mm closure for aseptic applications

To respond to increasing demand for higher performance and convenience in the beverage industry, RPC Obrist Madrid has launched a new 38mm closure specifically developed to be compatible with aseptic filling lines.

Aseptic filling processes are becoming increasingly important to brand owners in order to eliminate product contamination. RPC Obrist...

19.01.2017 | Avery Dennison | OEGSTGEEST | The Netherlands

New Avery Dennison ClearIntent™ portfolio enables sustainability improvements

As part of its ambitious 2025 sustainability goals, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has created a new portfolio designed to enable customers choose products that can help to make a positive environmental impact. Xander van der Vlies, director sustainability, Avery Dennison Europe, said that the ClearIntent™ portfolio is about working...

Management, Labelling technology
10.11.2016 | Avery Dennison | Glendale, Calif. | USA

Avery Dennison® helps Coca-Cola European Partners to recycle 70 tons of PET waste annually

Avery Dennison has collaborated with partners throughout the supply chain namely Viridor and PET UK, to help Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) reduce waste, costs, and the carbon footprint of Smartwater production in the United Kingdom. According to Joe Franses, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Coca-Cola European...

Management, Labelling technology
27.09.2016 | Coca-Cola European Partners | Uxbridge, Middx | United Kingdom

Smarter sustainability solution helping us recycle more waste

An innovative sustainability partnership between Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), Viridor, Avery Dennison and PET UK will see CCEP recycle around 70 tonnes of waste this year from Smartwater bottle labels at our site in Morpeth, Great Britain. This collaboration shows how working together across the value chain can help to turn the crisis of...

Packaging machinery
14.09.2016 | SMI S.p.A. | San Giovanni Bianco BG | Italy

CSK ERGON: New compact and versatile packaging machines

As always, at the forefront of packaging innovation, SMI has created the new CSK ERGON series of shrink-film packaging machines. With a capacity to pack a wide range of containers in an economic and competitive way, this new compact and ergonomically designed series has several models utilising the latest technology available. With output speeds of...

Packaging machinery
26.08.2016 | SMI S.p.A. | San Giovanni Bianco BG | Italy

New solutions for dry packaging

SMI's new APS palletizers for tertiary packaging (dry packaging) up to 100 packs/minute are designed and manufactured according to the new ERGON platform, where ergonomics and advanced machines integration enable to offer cost saving bottling lines, ensuring the reduction of production costs, higher energy savings and the efficiency of the whole...

Shrink packer
26.08.2016 | SMI S.p.A. | San Giovanni Bianco BG | Italy

PSHA: The space-saving handle applicator

The SK ERGON packers can be equipped with an automatic handle applicator of the PSHA series (Pre-Shrinking Handle Applicator), which attaches a handle on a section of the shrink film before it's wrapped around a group of containers moving toward the shrink tunnel. The pre-shrinking handle applicator of the PSHA series can be installed on the...

Recycling machines
26.01.2017 | EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Ges.m.b.H. | Ansfelden, Linz | Austria

EREMA: ReFresher ensures odourless recyclate in post-consumer recycling

With the presentation of ReFresher at the K 2016 trade fair EREMA achieved a breakthrough in the post-consumer sector: odourless recyclate opens up a multitude of new sales markets for recyclers and producers. Starting immediately, EREMA customers now have access to a mobile ReFresher for test purposes to enable them to carry out on-site trials and...

Recycling processes
23.01.2017 | CARBIOS | Clermont-Ferrand | France

CARBIOS: The technical solution for the recycling of opaque PET plastics such as the new milk bottles

CARBIOS, an innovative green chemistry company specializing in enzymatic bioprocesses applied to plastic and textile polymers, comforts the applicative potential of its innovations by making 100% recyclable all household packaging in opaque polyethylene terephthalate (PET) such as the new milk bottles. Since recently, a technological revolution is...

Recycling technology
06.01.2017 | Starlinger & Co. GmbH | Wien | Austria

From bottle to bag: The next generation of sustainable woven plastic packaging

The trend towards sustainable packaging has been growing significantly in the past years, bringing into focus reusability, bio-degradability and recyclability of the packaging materials. With the development of the production technology for woven plastic sacks made from rPET, Starlinger & Co. GmbH now offers the opportunity of closed-loop...

Quality & Diagnostic, Markets
30.01.2017 | Agr International | Butler, PA | USA

Agr Process Pilot Blowmolder Control helps Nestlé Waters align efficient PET bottle production with consistent customer experience

Nestlé Waters’ Sanpellegrino Group produces five brands of mineral water on twelve bottling lines in seven plants spread across Italy. These multiple operations are all guided by an overarching commitment: to deliver a consistent customer experience associated with each brand. A major aspect of the customer experience is bottle performance, from...

Material drying
30.01.2017 | Conair | Cranberry Township, PA | USA

DC-A control adds remote access

DC-A control extended to mid-size Conair dryers; software update adds remote access capabilities

The DC-A dryer control, first launched in late 2016 on smaller Conair Carousel® Plus dryers and MDCW mobile drying/conveying systems, is now available on mid-sized dryers and has been further enhanced with remote access via Virtual Network Computing...

Material drying
16.01.2017 | Moretto S.p.A. | Massanzago (PD) | Italy

The “Drying 4.0” revolution begins with Moisture Meter™ by Moretto

Moisture Meter forms the final part of the “Drying 4.0” project started by Moretto to create a true closed-loop and precise drying system capable of automatically adapting to changing conditions and optimizing energy consumption. The Moisture Meter project is the culmination of a nearly decades long research and development project conducted by...

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