Auxiliary Devices

Quality & Diagnostic
29.05.2017 | Colour Consult BV | Beverwijk | The Netherlands

New preform quality control instrument

For measuring the transmission value of preforms, Colour Consult introduces the new P1 desktop instrument for quality control. The instrument measures how much light passes through a preform or plastic cap, from transparent (100% transmission) to very dark, almost opaque preforms (0,1%). Small changes in transmission values are detected in an early...

Quality & Diagnostic
03.04.2017 | INTRAVIS GmbH | Aachen | Germany

INTRAVIS CapWatcher III: Ensuring flawless closure production within a small footprint

In its third generation the well-established system inspects closures in an extremely quick and accurate way. The CapWatcher uses six cameras and is able to inspect up to 252,000 closures per hour due to the newly designed handling system. As an additional benefit, the system incorporates a microhole inspection that is correlated to specific cavity...

Quality & Diagnostic
17.03.2017 | Sacmi | Imola, BO | Italy

Sacmi PVS-3: the compact, flexible, high performance preform inspection solution

Presented at the last edition of the international K fair in Düsseldorf, this latest solution is winning over the market thanks to unique versatility and a capacity to ensure total quality control of the preform, directly on the line and at very high speed.

Quality & Diagnostic, Markets
30.01.2017 | Agr International | Butler, PA | USA

Agr Process Pilot Blowmolder Control helps Nestlé Waters align efficient PET bottle production with consistent customer experience

Nestlé Waters’ Sanpellegrino Group produces five brands of mineral water on twelve bottling lines in seven plants spread across Italy. These multiple operations are all guided by an overarching commitment: to deliver a consistent customer experience associated with each brand. A major aspect of the customer experience is bottle performance, from...

Material drying
30.01.2017 | Conair | Cranberry Township, PA | USA

DC-A control adds remote access

DC-A control extended to mid-size Conair dryers; software update adds remote access capabilities

The DC-A dryer control, first launched in late 2016 on smaller Conair Carousel® Plus dryers and MDCW mobile drying/conveying systems, is now available on mid-sized dryers and has been further enhanced with remote access via Virtual Network Computing...

Material drying
16.01.2017 | Moretto S.p.A. | Massanzago (PD) | Italy

The “Drying 4.0” revolution begins with Moisture Meter™ by Moretto

Moisture Meter forms the final part of the “Drying 4.0” project started by Moretto to create a true closed-loop and precise drying system capable of automatically adapting to changing conditions and optimizing energy consumption. The Moisture Meter project is the culmination of a nearly decades long research and development project conducted by...

Quality & Diagnostic
23.12.2016 | INTRAVIS GmbH | Aachen | Germany

No problems with dust: the dust suppression by INTRAVIS

During the production of preforms often dust sticks to the preforms. The newly developed dust suppression by INTRAVIS reliably distinguishes real defects from dust. How is this possible? By displaying the detected dust both in a normal and a rollout view and establishing a connection between these two images. It is then easy to clearly identify...

Quality & Diagnostic
12.12.2016 | INTRAVIS GmbH | Aachen | Germany

The FontAdvisor - Reading cavity numbers immediately after setting up a product

Having the appropriate font for reading all cavity numbers right from the beginning is now possible with the FontAdvisor, developed by INTRAVIS. The most suitable font for reading the cavity numbers is available immediately after the initial commissioning and after the setup of each new product. The cavity number reading is instantly ready for use.

Quality & Diagnostic
30.11.2016 | Agr International, Inc. | Butler, PA | USA

Agr’s new CrystalView™ product offers PET bottle manufacturers a means to save energy while improving bottle performance

In the works for several years, Agr International, Inc. has announced the commercialization of its CrystalView™ product for optimizing the material properties of PET bottles. The introduction of the CrystalView product further expands the capabilities and the potential of Agr’s Process Pilot® product group well beyond the measurement and management...

Markets, Quality & Diagnostic
04.11.2016 | INTRAVIS GmbH | Aachen | Germany

INTRAVIS at the K 2016 – the eyes of the Industrial Internet of Things

The world’s biggest plastic fair has come to an end – INTRAVIS once again proved that it is an innovative market leader in the supply of vision inspection systems to the plastic packaging industry. INTRAVIS displayed the new version of the PreWatcher® III at their booth. The preform inspection system, which can be used inline as well as offline,...