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| PET processing | Eisbär Trockentechnik GmbH | Götzis | Austria

In the field of auxiliary equipment, Eisbär manufactures systems to improve quality and productivity for the plastics industry, specializing in products to avoid condensation on moulds, cap cooling, drying of plastic resin, the process of PET flakes and Crystallizer. 


The crystallizer, developed from Eisbär and only for high throughputs (4.000 kg/h) is a special unit for material crystallization.

The main operation area is the crystallization of PET material in the sector of the polymer processing.

By the constant crystallization process we guarantee unchanging crystallized raw material and so a constant high product quality.

Accurate temperature control and a fast reaction power control are only some of the developments to a fast and save crystallization process of pellets and flakes

Operating display:

Our experience as an established manufacturer with extensive practical knowledge. Main focus in understanding the customer requirements is our outstanding strength. The customer therefore has a flexible partner with Eisbär for new and competitive tailor-made system solutions. Another important Eisbär competence is digitalisation and clearly structured visualization as well data connectivity of all operational data for efficient control and maintenance.

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