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World Environment Day 2018: ALPLA is committed to environmental protection

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Financial support for ‘Waste Free Oceans’ and ‘The Ocean Cleanup’, as well as global employee campaigns

To mark World Environment Day on 5 June, the family company ALPLA is supporting two non-profit organisations in the fight against pollution of our oceans. The Austrian plastic-packaging specialist is also organising cleanup campaigns throughout the world.

In the days around World Environment Day, ALPLA is pointing the way forward in terms of environmental protection. A large number of ALPLA’s 176 sites across four continents worldwide answered the company’s call and got involved in cleanup campaigns. Employees cleaned up rubbish around the company’s grounds and surrounding areas and disposed of it appropriately.

‘Sustainability is a key part of our company’s philosophy. We encourage and welcome the commitment of our employees worldwide towards a clean environment,’ says ALPLA CEO Günther Lehner. ‘I would like to thank you all for your commitment.’


The Austrian-based company also supports two non-profit organisations which fight against the pollution of the world’s oceans. ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ strives to collect rubbish from the oceans using special cleanup system. ‘Waste Free Oceans’ collects plastic waste from the oceans and coasts and recycles this into ‘ocean plastic’. The initiative cooperates with companies which use this plastic to make new products. Both organisations have received considerable amounts of money.


In 1972, the United Nations declared ‘World Environment Day’ on the opening day of the first Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm. Around 150 countries have been celebrating the day with events and campaigns ever since. The motto for 2018 is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’.
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