Unique metallic shine for 3D printing filaments

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Exclusive cooperation between the companies Schlenk, Herz and Gabriel-Chemie
An intrinsic metallic shine can now also be achieved in the 3D printing process, now also available as a PETG filament

The close cooperation between effect pigment specialist Schlenk Metallic Pigments GmbH, filament specialist Herz GmbH and masterbatch manufacturer Gabriel-Chemie GmbH has succeeded in reproducing an astonishingly authentic metallic look in 3D printing filaments. The masterbatch formulas developed by Gabriel-Chemie with ultra-fine pigments from Schlenk create a silky, homogeneous surface of the filament by means of mass colouration that is free from visible glitter particles. The additively produced end product is noted for having an enormously deep shine and an extraordinarily authentic metallic look.

The best possible results are achieved with the processing of a PETG polymer. Gabriel-Chemie recently expanded its product range of coloured masterbatch for 3D printing filaments with the polymer PETG. PETG is noted for its particularly high degree of transparency and low viscosity. As a 3D printing filament, it combines the positive properties of ABS and PLA.

The PETG metallic range currently consists of five extraordinarily elegant colours called Ocean Blue Metallic Gloss, Calm Red Metallic Gloss, Gunmetal Black Metallic Gloss, Brown Metallic Gloss and Fir Tree Metallic Gloss. Further colours are being developed or are available on request. All colours are noted for their particular brilliance and depth, even at low doses. They also have excellent temperature stability and can be processed at up to 240°C. All Gabriel-Chemie masterbatches correspond to statutory requirements and are produced in the EU in accordance with ISO 9001.

An experienced specialist in filament production has been found in the long-standing partner Herz GmbH. The filaments are produced and distributed exclusively by Herz GmbH.

Lukas Houska, Product Manager at Gabriel-Chemie, is impressed by the unique nature of the new development: “The combination of PETG with the ultra-fine metallic effect never before seen in 3D printing, which allows even more individual dyeing, delights many customers, both processors and end consumers. The exclusive cooperation between the partners Schlenk, Herz and ourselves guarantees the absolute uniqueness in the area of 3D printing filaments.”

Thomas Müller, Lab Leader Technology Center Plastics at Schlenk Metallic Pigments GmbH, is delighted about the collaboration with Gabriel-Chemie and Herz: “Once again we have succeeded together in developing an innovative effect for a new area of application. We are always keen to take on the challenge of actively supporting our customers as they strive to be successful in new markets and of offering them suitable effect pigments to this end. The goal of our efforts is and will remain customer satisfaction, hence my big ‘thank you’ to Gabriel-Chemie and Herz for this ‘shining’ cooperation.”


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