SpotWatcher S is good choice for comprehensive inspection of plastic containers. Photo: INTRAVIS


The new SpotWatcher S - Compact bottle inspection

| Auxillaries | INTRAVIS | Aachen | Germany

Compact, comprehensive and unbeatable value for money. The new INTRAVIS SpotWatcher S offers an impressive range of inspection options within a space-saving design.

Production space is a valuable asset in the production of plastic bottles. INTRAVIS has enthusiastically accepted our customers‘ challenge to integrate 100% bottle inspection within an even smaller foot print. "We wanted to develop a solution that meets the space requirements of modern production lines. The result is the SpotWatcher S. With a floor space of less than 1.2 square meters, it saves a significantly amount of space. " Gerd Fuhrmann, CEO of INTRAVIS GmbH, says about the newest member of the SpotWatcher product family.

Despite its smaller footprint, the SpotWatcher S offers comprehensive inspection options. Dimensional accuracy, material inserts and defects, or even holes are just some of the inspection points.

The system is designed for bottle diameters between 30 to 200mm and heights between 30 and 300 mm and is ideal for smaller sizes where line space is especially critical. The Pharmaceutical bottle market is one major example where this system is ideal.

Of course, the standard SpotWatcher product line is available for inspection tasks and bottle sizes the SpotWatcher S does not cover.


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