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Sustainability & Circular Economy at PETnology Europe 2018

Calls for sustainability & circular economy are the key drivers challenging the plastic packaging industry. Related presentations at PETnology Europe 2018:


Ecodesign: Nestlé 

Recyclability of Packaging Materials - A Challenge or an Opportunity? 

This presentation will cover Nestlé’s Ecodesign approach as well as Nestlé’s packaging commitments and some of the challenges that come with it. PET today plays a significant role as packaging material, not only for beverages in form of PET bottles but also as a layer in flexible materials or thermoformed semi-rigid packaging. Whilst PET bottle recycling today is straight forward and significant capacity even for bottle to bottle recycling is being built, there are some challenges for flexibles and other PET packaging.

Dr. Christian Detrois
Corporate Packaging Manager Nestlé Germany
Nestlé Deutschland AG


Economic Potential: McKinsey & Company

No Time to Waste – Global Economic Potential of Plastic Recycling

Dealing with the ever increasing volumes of plastic waste presents one of the key challenges in the coming years. But more than a challenge it presents an opportunity for the chemical industry to grow. And it is time to act now. Based on our latest research, we discuss the potential value creation opportunities for the chemical industry in plastic recycling and what it will take to leverage it.

Dr. Christof Witte, Engagement Manager
Dr. Mirjam Mayer, Practice Manager 
McKinsey & Company


Special situation: PET

Challenges Facing the PET Container Industry

The plastics industry has been instrumental in reducing expenses associated with delivering products to consumers. More products have been safely and economically supplied to the consumer than ever before. The industry grew from almost nothing in the early sixties to a $700-billion slice of the global packaging industry today. The industry’s success, driven by strong consumer demand, has changed how we live - from developed countries to the third world - by making the products that we use every day safer and readily available via packaging that is lighter, more convenient and less expensive. PET containers play a major role in this evolution with the brand owners and technology developers having nurtured and grown an impressive PET container industry to what it has become today.

Georg Wolfe
Chief Technical Officer
Agr International, Inc.



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