Share's 100% recycable watter bottle. (Photo credit: Share)

Recycling Revolution

"share" introduces the first 100% recycled water bottle

| Recycling technology | Share Foods GmbH | Berlin | Germany
  • German start-up launches a plastic water bottle made from 100% recycled material
  • Products placed in two major German retail chains
  • According to the company, more than 200 tons of plastic waste per year are avoided
  • Recyclate closures are announced to also follow within the next twelve months, for which food approval in Germany is still pending

Memo: At the beginning of this year the Berlin start-up introduced their social food brand "share" in Germany. The idea: For every purchased share product - mineral water, hand soap or organic nut bars - the company provides a similar product to a person in need, follwoing the 1+1 principle.

According to the company, a bottle of water secures a day of drinking water by building or repairing wells, a bio nut bar distributing a serving of food in Germany or in crisis countries, like Senegal, and a bottle of hand soap will finance a soap. The price of the share products should not differ from equivalent items.

Share announced that just half a year after the launch three million share water bottles were sold and over 30 wells in Liberia, Cambodia, and Ethiopia were funded.

Now, share has extended its social approach with another sustainable one: It sells its water in bottles made from 100% recyclate to aim for waste prevention and resource conservation.


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