BLUE PET starts blowing petainerKegs. (Photo credit: Petainer)

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Petainer begins manufacturing in Brazil

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Petainer and its Brazilian partner, BLUE PET, have started manufacturing Petainer’s one-way PET kegs at the new blow moulding plant in Tijucas, Santa Catarina, in the South of Brazil. Today, the first blown petainerKegs rolled off the production line ready to go to our brewery customers in the region.

The plant serves the domestic market and will also become the manufacturing hub for the South American region. Local manufacturing means that supply chain costs are be reduced, making it even more cost-effective to use petainerKeg compared to other forms of packaging.

BLUE PET currently manufactures the 30L petainerKeg Classic but will produce more from the portfolio in the future. One-way kegs are proving popular in the region because they are used only once and are fully recyclable, cutting out costly, complex return logistics and washing processes. In addition to significant cost of ownership and sustainability benefits, they provide enhanced product protection, making sure that the beer is as good as the day it was brewed for over nine months.

Ricardo Leonel Vieira, Brazil Country Manager, Petainer, said: “We launched in Brazil only eighteen months ago so establishing full in-country manufacturing of our kegs is a significant milestone. It is an exciting market and one that is embracing one-way PET kegs, thanks to the many benefits they offer.”


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