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PET Recycling at PETnology Europe 2018

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Joint presentation: CARBIOS & L'OREAL

Enzymatic Recycling of PET: An Innovative Process to Depolymerize All Kind of PET into PTA and MEG

Carbios has developed a biological process based on enzymes which enables the recycling of all kind of PET, incl. colored, opaque, trays and textile.

This innovative process opens the possibility to manufacture large amounts of PET made from wastes, making circular economy a reality.

Together with L’Oréal, Carbios is recruiting brand-owners willing to accelerate the commercialization of this technology, contributing to meeting the aggressive sustainability goals a lot of them have made publicly.


Martin Stephan

Jean-Marie Julien
Material Strategy Manager, L'Oréal

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New Bottle to Bottle Technology

More than 1.45 million tonnes of food grade rPET per year are produced worldwide using EREMA recycling systems. A new system is now available for the Bottle to Bottle application. 

  • First presentation of the new technology
    EREMA presents its new bottle to bottle technology for the first time.
  • Technical highlights
    This new recycling system leads to a further quality leap of the granulates. 
  • Customer benefits
    With this new technology, EREMA customers are optimally prepared for the expected further tightening of the requirements for direct food contact by international brand owners.


Christoph Wöss
Business Development Manager, Application Bottle

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rPET Sheet for Direct Food Contact

Recycling for Direct Food Contact

The Multi Rotation System (MRS) from Gneuss is in its core a highly efficient degassing and decontamination extruder, that has been extremely successful in PET Recycling all over the world since its introduction in 2007.

Catering to the demand of recycling without a significant loss in material quality, the MRS can convert up to 100% post-consumer PET content directly into thermoforming sheet without any input material pretreatment (e.g. crystallization and pre-drying).

Direct food contact approval, under both FDA and EFSA regulations, and superior optical and mechanical sheet properties are only some qualities that distinguish rPET sheet produced on Gneuss´ MRS extruders. 

The Gneuss Processing Unit (GPU) will be presented in detail, with its particular benefits in the extrusion of thermoforming sheet. Consisting of extrusion, filtration and inline viscosity measurements, the GPU offers multiple benefits that can´t be found elsewhere on the market. The technological background of its best-in-class degassing and decontamination capacity will be explained, as well as the benefits of rotary filtration in the special case of sheet extrusion from up to 100% bottleflakes.  

The GPU can both be part of a turnkey solution offered by Gneuss or integrated in an already existing sheet line (e.g. upgrade of extrusion and filtration part).


Philipp Niermann
Manager Technical Sales
Gneuss Kunststofftechnik

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