Penn Color launches line of additives supporting sustainable packaging

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For brand owners and packaging converters looking for sustainable packaging solutions, Penn Color, a leading global producer of color and additive masterbatches has launched a line of additives that improve the life cycle inventory (LCI) by allowing for higher levels of recycled PET (RPET) in blow molding and film/sheet extrusion processes.

While searching for more options to support the global sustainability initiative, a common temptation is to use increased amounts of RPET in product packaging.  However, as RPET levels increase in a package, the Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) is negatively impacted, resulting in processing challenges and problems with finished part quality.  Penn Color’s BOOST™ additives are a series of multi-functional chain extenders that promote linear chain extension and/or branching via reactive chain coupling with PET end groups.  This technology allows for higher levels of RPET while maintaining a stable manufacturing process and ensuring proper physical properties of the finished part.  Several options of BOOST™ additives are available to meet a wide range of performance and regulatory requirements, and detailed melt viscosity and IV data are available from Penn Color.

Additionally, as RPET levels increase, the finished part begins to take on the dirty, grey appearance, inherent with RPET resins.  Penn Color’s AQUABRIGHT™ technology provides an aesthetic enhancement designed to neutralize that murky appearance giving the final part a brighter and cleaner look.  Because sources of RPET vary in color and clarity, Penn Color takes a customized approach and tailors AQUABRIGHT™ formulas to the exact grade of RPET so that the finished part is cost effective and fully optimized to look the best that it can.

BOOST™ and AQUABRIGHT™ are part of a family of additives and technologies from Penn Color.  Most of Penn Color’s additives are available in either solid or liquid form.  In addition, many can be used as standalone additives, or they can be incorporated into a color masterbatch for ease of use.

About Penn Color: 
Founded in 1964, Penn Color develops and manufactures a diverse product line of thermoplastic color and additive masterbatches, as well as liquid dispersions for various ink, coating and thermoplastic applications.  Penn Color is a privately held company with over 700 employees and 8 manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe, India and China.  Through carefully planned diversification, Penn Color can address constantly changing industry requirements for new, fully customized products and solutions. 

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