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PET Bottle Design

Parmalat Canada unveils recyclable PET bottles for Lactantia PūrFiltre milk

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Parmalat Canada has designed new recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles for Lactantia PūrFiltre milk.

The Lactantia PūrFiltre milk is being packed in 1.5L ‘easy to handle’ resealable bottles, which are designed to help protect the freshness of the filtered milk for a longer period of time eliminating the use of preservatives.

Parmalat said that the new BPA-free certified bottles featuring a refined, contemporary design are the result of three years of intense R&D at its Canadian Research and Development Centre.

The certified BPA-free caps for the bottles feature a temper evidence safety ring designed to ensure food safety.

The bottle and the cap have a light barrier to help protect the integrity of the milk, the firm noted.

Parmalat Canada Fluid general manager Marco De Palma said:

“It demonstrates the scope of our company’s leadership and drive to innovate. It is the culmination of sustained and collaborative efforts by our Research and Development, Marketing and Operations team, which has worked tirelessly on the project for more than three years. The new bottles are truly an innovative step forward for dairy product packaging. They give consumers Canadian milk of exceptional quality while also better meeting their needs.”



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