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PackSys Global showcases the new TEM machine at Drinktec

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Tamper Evident (TE) bands act to protect brand owners, to ensure that products are being opened by the consumer for the first time and that the product is the original one. PackSys Global’s TEM machine offers new possibilities for slitting or slitting and folding of TE bands for speciality caps, e.g. for cap diameters up to 90mm and for cap heights up to 60mm.

The TEM operates at 400 cpm for caps with diameters up to 40mm and for cap heights up to 38mm. For cap diameters greater than 40mm and/or for cap heights more than 38mm the TEM’s output reduces in order to accommodate the challenges of handling wider and taller caps.

The TEM is designed to match the output of moulding machines for larger diameter and other speciality closures, e.g. sports caps. As many producers of speciality closures need to change from product to product on a regular basis, the TEM accommodates this by its design which allows changeovers during the same changeover time expected from the associated moulding machine.

Customers rely on PackSys Global machines to operate 24/7 for years with few unplanned stoppages. The TEM was designed with the same robustness as the other machines in the PackSys portfolio of folding and slitting machines (MSM, SPM, MPM, SDL and SFP). In addition the TEM follows PackSys’s industry leading standard of operational simplicity, where in many cases there is only one machine setting allowed, the one which delivers the required Quality.

The TEM is available with the same suite of options as on PackSys Global’s other closure machines including spark tester to detect pinholes, detector to detect metal pieces which may have gotten molded into the closure and vision system to evaluate closure geometry, completeness of folding, etc….

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