PACCOR and MultiPet join forces for industrial scale recycling of PET trays

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The two companies are combining their experience and knowledge in the fields of recycling, extrusion and thermoforming to pledge 100% recyclable packaging.

As the demand for sustainable and holistic packaging solutions continues to intensively grow either from European customers, enlightened companies or regulations, market leaders have taken action to address these needs. PACCOR Group, a top European supplier of sustainable plastic packaging solutions, and MultiPet GmbH, the leading German plastic waste recycler, have signed an agreement for strategic cooperation. The main goal of the collaboration is to collectively develop a recycling project for used thermoformed PET packaging from domestic waste collection. The partners strongly believe in the value of recycled PET for the packaging sector and aim to boost the amount of recycled material reprocessed into new PET packaging.

The collaboration of these two companies will allow them to concentrate their efforts primarily on transforming rPET into new solutions, as well as to circulate plastic production by significantly increasing the amount of plastics reused or recycled into new packaging or products.

“Our core business and responsibility are to deliver 100% recyclable products to the market. We look forward to creating a future together with our partners. In the first meeting we recognized the enthusiasm and knowledge of the MultiPet team, which brings significant value to our process expertise of handling recycled material, particularly in designing new recyclable packaging” said Zdenek Rybczuk, PACCOR Interim CEO.

Herbert Snell, Managing Director of MultiPet, said “Thanks to the cooperation of our companies, the sustainable and innovative plastics packing market, the so-called new plastic economy is not only a vision, but now a reality. We are very proud to be a part of this long-term cooperation which will have powerful and positive implications on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which will affect either the environment or millions of people.”

PACCOR also aims to extend the partnership with the Veolia group to which MulitPet belongs. Both partners have signed The New Plastic Economy Global Commitment, a strategic partnership including 250 organizations and companies, and have confirmed that circularity on the plastic packaging market is a priority for coming years. The New Plastic Economy Global Commitment concentrates on eradicating plastic waste and pollution and requires that 100% of plastic packaging is easily and safely reused, recycled or composted by 2025. The focus is placed on optimizing design and material use, increasing the amount of recyclable and recycled materials made into new products, and continuous process improvement with new delivery methods being a priority.


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