Practical presentations at a pulverizer during the Open House at Maag in Grossostheim, Germany. Photo: Maag

Open House

Open House event focusing on "Rotomolding" at Maag in Grossostheim was a Full House

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The Open House event on November 20/21 had already been the second occasion as part of which Maag, Gala, and Reduction Engineering Scheer showcased their products together. This particular event centered around "Rotomolding" and took place at the subsidiary in Grossostheim, Germany. 

The Open House event had been scheduled for two subsequent days, catering once to German-speaking and then to international visitors. The many attendees witnessed a varied and comprehensive agenda. Interesting presentations about "Pulverizers for efficient powder production", "Innovations and progress in underwater micro-pelletizing and drying", as well as presentations about practical applications and personal experiences were all well received by the more than 100 participants from 17 different countries. 

Maag, as a supplier of systems for plastic pulverization and the production of micro-pellets, is your competent contact if you produce materials for rotational molding. Reduction Engineering pulverizers and underwater pelletizing systems made by Maag/Gala have been used successfully for these types of applications for years. Customers were shown various hands-on demonstrations in Maag's very own Plastics Technical Center surrounding rotomolding. An accompanying presentation as part of which produced materials were processed on a laboratory rotational molding machine once again underlined the different properties of powders and micro-pellets to offer the basis for some interesting discussions. 

Alexander Datzinger, Head of Pulverizer at Maag Automatik GmbH, was happy to explain that "attending guests praised the interesting presentations and in particular the demonstrations at the in-house Test & Research Center, providing a profound overview of both production methods for powder and micro-pellets as well as their practical application options." 

Maag once again realized that this kind of presenting state-of-the-art technologies and machine concepts is the way forward. Alaaddin Aydin, VP/GM Maag Germany, commented saying "it is our aim to continue to successfully provide powerful, efficient, and flexible melt handling, pelletizing systems, as well as pulverizers to suit market demands. The combined expertise within the entire group creates better solutions to the benefit of our customers." 

Participants witnessed an exciting day at the Rotomolding Open House, involving plenty of expertise and practical relevance. Maag would like to once again take this opportunity and thank all Open House attendees for their keen interest and our external speakers for their presentations. 


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