Moisture Meter by Moretto at Drinktec: in-line resin moisture analyzer

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Moretto will be showcasing its latest innovation in the PET area: Moisture Meter, in-line resin moisture analyzer. It is the only device, which can assure an accurate online measurement of the residual PET granule moisture. It verifies the residual granule moisture content in few seconds and allows to certify the polymer quality before processing.

Moisture Meter is an instrument designed to measure, in line, the residual moisture content of the plastic granule. Moisture Meter, installed directly on the processing machine, thanks to the patented “Power Peak” technology measures the actual moisture content of the plastic granules assuring a certified production. No calibration is required. It is only necessary to select the polymer to be treated and Moisture Meter provides to control the process with sampling every 2 seconds. The system is being targeted for technical applications where precision in confirming the residual moisture content of the production resin is paramount. It is the only device on the market able to provide customers:

  • In-line process
  • Real-time control
  • Certified resin production quality
  • Optimized energy consumption

Moisture Meter Plus allows to control the dryer performance by comparing the humidity from the initial part of the process to the end, automatically adjusting the dryer parameters to ensure optimal drying. This concept creates a closed loop connecting material, dryer, process quality, and plastic processing machine, which represents the condition to move straight ahead towards Industry 4.0.

Moisture Meter is equipped with USB, Ethernet and RS485 Modbus communication ports and is compatible with the Moretto MOWIS supervising system. The system has 40 material profiles among the most common technical polymers as PET, ABS, PMMA, PA6, PA66, PEEK and many others. It will be possible to select the material to be treated and Moisture Meter assures that all the transformed pieces match the quality standards required. It is also possible to create the profile of specific or custom materials. Once create the new ones, no other calibration is required.

The material profile could be connect through the USB port while the ETHERNET port assures the remote assistance. The touch view controller allows to manage up to six devices.

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