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Introducing Pretium’s new 12-ounce PET sauce bottle

| PET materials | Pretium Packaging | Chesterfield, MO | United States

Utilizing the latest consumer trends and recognized packaging constraints, Pretium designed the new 12-ounce, 38-400mm stock bottle.

Pretium’s objective was to engineer an alternative to glass so brand owners could capitalize on the positive attributes of PET, but could also keep the desired glass attributes.

Using a 40-gram preform, which is approximately 50 percent heavier than those typically used for 12-ounce pet sauce bottles, the container provides a comparable shelf impression to glass.

An ideal alternative to glass bottles

Pretium’s glass alternative bottle was recently included in a clemson university glass and plastic packaging comparison shopper attention study. 

The study revealed that the majority of participants did not notice a difference between the glass or plastic bottles. The study noted pretium’s 12-ounce pet bottle as being a viable replacement for glass.

Pretium’s alternative to glass makes sense because it is shatter-resistant, light-weight, affordable and easy-to-handle. The 12-ounce pet sauce is an excellent packaging solution to market sauces, marinades, dressings, condiments, etc. for brands previously unwilling to convert to PET.



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