PETnology Conference Programme Highlights

Innovations in Auxiliaries

100% In-line Compact Quality Control Machine for PET Preforms

Sacmi presents the PVS005, the new ultra-fast preform inspection solution that operates in line with the injection preform moulding press. Inspection rates as high as 60,000 preforms an hour have, once again, been combined with significant design innovation that minimises the footprint (4.5 m2) of the solution while boosting efficiency. The solution integrates, in fact, a centrifugal positioning unit (that positions preforms correctly) with the actual inspection system which checks 100% of output.

Andrea Fiorentini
Inspection System Business Manager - Quality & Process Control BU

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Improve Productivity, Products and Profit with Cold Jet Dry Ice Cleaning for PET Preform Moulds

Cold Jet’s dry ice technology is proven to clean molds better while reducing cleaning time up to 75% without causing mold wear. The capability to clean with dry ice while the mold is still in the press leads to improved quality, productivity gains, and lowering costs in the PET preform industry. It is an effective, environmentally responsible solution to allow processors to do more with less time, less resources and with less impact on production.

Steffen Kalisch
Global Key Account Manager
Cold Jet

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Indicate - A new Instrument for Material and Preform Characterisation for Stretch Blow Moulding

A new instrument will be presented encompassing state of the art software, hardware and image analysis techniques for analysing the blowing behaviour of PET preforms. Case studies highlighting the instrument’s capability for quantifying the effects of additives, moisture and IV on the blowing behaviour of PET preforms will be demonstrated. The data is subsequently used to guide engineers on the required adjustments to the blow moulding process to achieve a bottle with the desired characteristics. The instrument offers a new approach for the industry towards preform/bottle design, material analysis and quality control as well as providing valuable data for developing and validating blow moulding simulations.

Dr. Gary Menary
Blow Moulding Technologies

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