IMDvista Closure Digital Print CLDP - flexible in format and design

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The two market leaders IMD Ltd. and Hapa Ltd. joined with the goal to perfectly combine proven technologies for a most flexible and robust system solution for the market. Now the system can be seen in operation for the first time at Drinktec Hall B5 – 115.

Closure Digital Print (CLDP) is printing 1,500 closures per minute in high quality and full flexibility in format and print. For the first time the IMDvista CLDP will be shown in operation. Starting with the “clean and save” concept conveying the closures on a stainless steel conveyor, the closure is pre-treated and then conveyed through the RedCube Plus from Hapa. CMYK printing up to 720dpi can be
combined with a white print head to be as flexible as possible with almost no limitations in artwork and colour. The unique ink handling makes the system easy to use for the operator. By using the same calibrated ink artwork is always in the same quality. An automated cleaning and conserving
system is the base of a robust and clean industry proven digital printing system. Hapa low migration ink, specially developed and optimised for this application, makes the system reaching unseen adhesions. Specific migration is compliant with EU 10/2011.

As a perfect combination, the digital printer does not require specially skilled people and by principle can not damage a closure. For final inspection, an IMDvista print inspection system is part of the system to make sure 100% conforming print is reaching the customer. V5 Vision Control Center is the controlling HMI to make it as easy to use as the known vision inspection systems.


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