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High speed machines for sportscaps and complex closures by Contexo

| Filling technology | Contexo GmbH | Winterbach | Germany

German machine builder Contexo is presenting its continuous motion technology for fast assembly of sportscaps and complex closures. The machine on show has an output rate of over 1,300,000 parts a day … while at the same time, the footprint is very low.

Contexo’s engineers have integrated comprehensive quality-control and TE-proof feeders into a compact continuous-motion system. The machine can be directly chained with an injection-moulding machine, and moments later pack the finished and fully inspected cap. This means extremely high output rates are now possible on a very small installation area. You could literally operate a production site in your living room.

New Ideas for Higher Performance

Contexo attains these high output rates on a small footprint through a handful of technological developments. Firstly, Contexo chains injection-molding machines directly to the assembly unit. For this, Contexo developed its own TE-proof feeding technology that processes warm parts. It feeds the assembly unit without human intervention and contamination.

Another important part of the technological concept is Contexo's continuous motion technology. It allows very high productivity on a small space. Contexo has been developing its system for over a decade and become a technological leader in the market.

Finally, Contexo uses inline vision control systems that are integrated into the machine workflow and perform over a dozen quality checks to guarantee 100,00% reliability. Even with output rates of more than a million parts a day, not a single defective part leaves the factory.

The concept has proven very successful: many well-known sportscaps on the market today are produced on a Contexo continuous-motion System.

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