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FlexBlow to build an Industry 4.0 plant for the efficient 8 cavity Hybrid SBM machine production

| Business function | UAB Terekas | Kretinga | Lithuania

FlexBlow, machine manufacturer of versatile two stage PET SBM technology, further strengthens its position in this fast-growing PET market by moving towards Industry 4.0. In building a new 3,500m2 manufacturing facility in addition to the existing 10,000m2 site in Kretinga, Lithuania the company expanded its capacity and improves its technology.

FlexBlow’s early vision of demand responsive PET bottle blowing has gone a long way since this familyowned company fi rst began operations in 1994. Close observation of market development with shrinking PET bottle production batches and increasing demand for greater in-house PET container production flexibility, has led the company to focus their strategic progression on continuous technology improvement in anticipation of their client’s needs for in-house versatility.

Today, with the FlexBlow series enjoying a reputation as the two-stage PET SBM machines capable of huge versatility, the think tank at FlexBlow has come up with plans to turn up the volume once again. A new investment has been secured for a new modern manufacturing plant to be built in addition to the existing 10,000m2 site. The vision for FlexBlow’s new site is set to transform the company’s processes and operations by introducing a complete manufacturing environment that operates based on real-time data collection and localisation during production. To achieve this, FlexBlow‘s technical director and his team have worked together to optimize processes by combining relevant physical and digital technologies, including intelligent robot units programmed to make decisions based on real-time data collected from the production floor. An on-site dedicated testing laboratory, 3D printers for both plastic and metal components, as well as a topnotch working environment designed to foster employee motivation and engagement will form the complete picture of FlexBlow’s new production site. The new production side is set to start operations as soon as July 2019. Long-term committed advocates for progressing versatility and responsiveness of their client’s operations by providing them with adequate tools in a shape of FlexBlow machines, recently the company discovered that continuing to push the leading edge of technology meant embracing a commitment to self-suffi ciency themselves.

The company’s decision to start volume production of the new 8-cavity FlexBlow8 Hybrid systems for increased production capacity of up to 12,000 bph, with bottles sizes from 10 ml to 1.5 l, neck fi nishes from 18-38 mm, meant moving away from limited supplier capabilities. It is the way of becoming self-sufficient as far as being able to fabricate all necessary metal parts, including heavy duty metal PET SBM machine components in-house. Today FlexBlow’s off -site largescale metal parts manufacturing site stands complete with a new generation high-precision 5 axis Hyundai milling machines, 2-ton 360-degree overhead cranes, a large-scale sheet metal plasma bending machine, and an industrial large equipment (8,000x4,000x2,600 mm) paint spray booth for that trademark quality finish. Flexblow’s says that its success is set to continue as the business is well equipped and ready to move towards advanced digital technologies whilst continuing to draw from its strength of profound knowledge and understanding of the packaging market.


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