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Even though historically custom PET container production was associated to 1-stage machines in the past, the market’s need for higher capacity and smaller tool cost impelled 2-stage PET machine producer Terekas to look at the possibility to fill in the niche. After conducting an in-depth study and discovering market’s technical requirements for flexible SBM machines, Terekas built FlexBlow – a versatile PET stretch-blow moulding machine designed for flexible production and quick bottle format changeovers. The machine was launched in 2016, and it was an immediate breakthrough recognized by bottlers and packaging producers that use a range of different bottle formats.

FlexBlow offers an unprecedented flexibility in a two-stage machine. FlexBlow enables the production of PET containers with neck ranging from 18mm to 120mm and volume range from 10ml up to 6000 ml – all on 1 piece of equipment. In addition to regular cold-fill bottle production possibility, FlexBlow could be used to make hot-fill containers as well, not to mention the possibility to produce oval shaped bottles and containers with T-handle.

Additionally to flexible blowers FlexBlow also has a range of Hybrid series. The standard FlexBlow models have intermittent preform feeding system that guarantees maximum flexibility: wide range of neck and bottle sizes. On the other hand, FlexBlow Hybrid models have continuous preform feeding system and a combination of rotary and linear motions, that increases capacity, yet the flexibility is somewhat narrowed. The largest machine FlexBlow Multi was designed to compete with high capacity rotary machines, and it is essentially a combination of two eight-cavity Hybrid models connected together.

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