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Open house show

Demonstration of new “Zero Cooling” technology, at ASB’s Chikumagawa Factory 150 visitors representing 100 companies from 40 countries

| Blow Moulding & Coating | Nissei ASB Machine | Komoro, Nagano Prefecture | Japan

Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd. (Head office: Komoro City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan - President: Junichi Miyasaka), a world leading manufacture of machines and molds for injection stretch blow molding of PET and other plastics, held an open house show on 10th April 2019 where it exhibited its new technology at the company’s recently completed Chikumagawa factory in neighboring Saku City.

The international open house show was arranged with the invitation of more than 150 visitors representing 100 of ASB’s existing and prospective overseas customer companies from more than 40 countries.

Molding was demonstrated by a total of 9 machine models including a range of ASB Series models equipped with ASB’s latest “Zero Cooling” technology, as well as the recently introduced 1.5 step PF36/36-600 model.

“Zero Cooling” is a revolutionary new molding technology which improves quality and strength of the bottle allowing container weight reduction while also dramatically increasing productivity.

Especially important is container weight reduction as an environment-conscious feature by promoting reduction of plastic consumption.

Customers showed high interest in the new technology, taking the opportunity to handle and collect sample containers to check their quality, strength and weight. 

Also, the majority of the visitors joined a technical seminar of the process which was presented in 4 separate languages.

For the open house show, the Chikumagawa factory was decorated to give the feel of a traditional Japanese festival.  Foreign visitors could enjoy a wide range of Japanese cultural experiences including a Taiko drum performance and lunch served from Japanese style food stalls.

Taking this opportunity, the company was able to promote the sales of machines and molds equipped with the new “Zero Cooling” technology, and additionally was able to directly interface with interested customers and demonstrate ASB’s products and new technologies.

Demonstrated Machines

NoMachine ModelContainer ApplicationProductivity Improvement (Comparing wih conventional products)
1ASB-12M200ml Aerosol1.34 times
2ASB-DPW350ml Shampoo1.31 times
3ASB-70DPH250ml Cosmetics1.21 times
4ASB-150DP1L Toiletry1.29 times
5ASB-150DPW900ml Jar for general foods1.42 times
6ASB-150DPX180ml Yoghurt1.44 times
7PF36/36-600500ml Light water bottler1.28 times
8ASB-650EXHS5 US gallon PET bottle with inserted handle1.34 times
9ASB-12N/10100ml Pharmaceutical





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