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Closure Systems International’s Pro-Lok GL 38mm closure provides an ideal solution for probiotic / carbonated soft drink

| Caps & Closures | Closure Systems International | Indianapolis, IN | United States

Today’s health conscious consumers are no longer just looking for products that quench their thirst. An ever increasing health trend, especially in younger generations, has driven demand for more functional beverages – e.g., kombucha enhanced products.

Closure Systems International (CSI) has launched a new closure engineered ideally for cold-filled products, such as probiotic drinks, energy drinks and carbonated soft drinks. 

CSI’s new Pro-Lok GL 38mm closure provides bottlers with exceptional closure performance, enhanced safety features, excellent consumer satisfaction and total system support. Pro-Lok GL has been engineered to be compatible to fit both Glass & PET bottle finishes. Pro-Lok GL has been integrated with CSI’s disc lined technology, allowing for a more secure seal to protect product integrity.

Ultimately, consumers will find Pro-Lok GL’s exterior shell design easy to grip, allowing for easy-opening convenience.



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