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Sustainable plastic packaging solutions

Bormioli Pharma unveils its brand-new range of sustainable packaging solutions

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  • The leading pharma packaging manufacturer presents a new set of packaging solutions in bio-based, compostable and post-consumer recycled plastics for the nutraceutical industry
  • This commitment is part of a wider corporate strategy with environmental and sustainability targets to be achieved by 2023 which will bring an enhancement in production efficiency, greener packaging solutions and an improvement in the industry awareness

Bormioli Pharma has developed a new rPET bottle, made of food-grade 100% recycled Polyethylene terephthalate, featuring exactly the same performances of its virgin counterpart (PET): the high quality of Bormioli Pharma’s post-consumer recycled PET makes it transformable exactly like the virgin PET, allowing the creation of a highly-customized solution according to customer needs.

Moreover, the company has manufactured several sustainable plastic packaging solutions, such as Green PE bottles – made with 100% bio-based plastic – BioPET containers, with 30% of material coming from renewable sources, and PLA dosing accessories, fully degradable within only 60 days on industrial compost facilities. These sustainable solutions side the production of glass bottles, endlessly 100% recyclable.

Alongside with this new range of products, Vitafoods represents the stage from which Bormioli Pharma plans to launch its 5-year environmental and sustainability corporate targets, such as:

  • Increasing the use of recycled materials, from 2% to 30%.

  • Replacing single-use packaging with fully biodegradable solutions.

  • Enhancing energy saving in new plastic injection machines (-50%), plant lighting (-30%), and new glass furnaces (-20%).

  • Leading the change in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, obtaining pharma-grade certification for all the green plastic materials developed by the company.

The company has approached sustainability as a key topic in its corporate innovation program – Bormioli Pharma Invents  - which, starting from a patient-centered proposition, develops innovative solutions through an open, distributed approach connecting internal R&D functions with start-ups, research centres and universities. The program aims at creating a porous environment able to generate new value, optimizing everybody’s potential and establishing a positive and productive dialogue among all the involved parties.

To better foster this focus on innovation and sustainability, Bormioli Pharma has recently unveiled a new brand identity, which gives life to the very concept animating the firm’s daily behavior: Small part, Big impact.  This means striving for perfection and continuing to pursue innovation, aware that the difference between a great success and a failure lies in the detail, with the goal of putting health in the hands of patients.



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