Available quantities of rPET already sold out in Switzerland

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PET Recycling Switzerland is pleased to announce that the available quantities of rPET for the year 2019 are already sold out.

PET Recycling Switzerland is delighted with this development. Because every gram of rPET reused is environmental protection. Recycling can only be talked about when the recycled material returns into the circulation.

That is why rPET sales promotion is one of the most important tasks of PET Recycling Switzerland. Thanks to the sales record, it is already foreseeable that the rPET share in Swiss PET beverage bottles has set a record this year.

Environmental benefits thanks to closed circulation

Recycling in a closed cycle (bottle-to-bottle) is 2.4 times more environmentally friendly than conventional recycling for one time reuse (eg textiles), each Increasing the rPET content in PET beverage bottles.

On 3 April 2019 the state-of-the-art processing plant for PET Drink bottles in Europe will be put into operation in Bilten (GL). This way Switzerland creates urgently needed recycling capacity for the Future.

The plant allows the production of a PET recyclate that is second to none in terms of quality in Europe. Therefore recycling in the closed cycle is strengthened.



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