Altium Packaging expands brand and capabilities in PET assets and the healthcare industry

| Business function | Altium Packaging | Atlanta | United States

Altium Packaging is excited to announce it has entered the next phase of a $10 million investment in PET capacity and capability, building on recent acquisitions including Tri State Distribution (now Altium Healthcare) and Plastique Micron (now part of Altium Packaging Canada). Altium’s 64 packaging plants allow it to efficiently serve pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care, dairy, beverage and large format water customers throughout the U.S. and Canada with the highest quality PET products.

The recent investments significantly increase Altium’s PET bottle production capacity, in sizes from 2 ounces to 5 gallons. Additional investments in preform tooling have similarly expanded Altium’s preform catalog, resulting in a more efficient internal supply chain, faster customer response time and improved quality.

Mark Shafer, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Altium’s Food, Nutrition and Beverage Group, stated, “Altium’s flexibility and expertise in short to mid-run business allows us to quickly respond to customers’ needs. Our increased investment in PET assets enables us to offer a wider variety of alternatives to better meet various packaging and filling requirements. Altium is constantly expanding our capability to better help our customers grow through innovative, cost effective packaging solutions, and our recent investments in PET assets are consistent with this vision.”

Ben Woods, Vice President of Altium Healthcare, stated, “Altium Healthcare leverages the multiple benefits PET offers and utilizes it in variety of packaging options, including dispensing bottles. PET is lighter than glass, has numerous DMF filings, and does not shatter when dropped. PET is the material of choice not just with our pharmaceutical customers but also with many nutraceutical customers, and we plan to greatly expand our offerings in the coming years.”

Altium’s short- and long-term strategies include continued, significant investments in PET assets and capabilities and a proactive approach to market-based solutions.

(Source: Business Wire)