The bad image of plastics - How could things have come to such a pass?

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Otto Appel PETnology/tecPET GmbH, Regensburg, Germany

Interview by Dr. Otto Appel with Dr. Christoph Hoffmann Director Corporate Strategy, Sustainability & Circular Economy - Flexibility is everything! Real meetings are still not possible in the pandemic’s current phase, so my long-planned meeting with Dr. Christoph Hoffman from ALPLA Group then took place as a zoom conversation. We had arranged to meet in Regensburg’s beautiful city for a themeoriented - i.e. sustainable - walk that was to end in a rustic Bavarian tavern. We wanted to exchange ideas about the image of plastics, sustainability and the challenges for the packaging industry. We missed the atmosphere of the real meeting - and the Bavarian beer - but we went into depth in terms of content as if we had actually met.