Sustainable Systems for the Plastic Industry

Elfi Breuss, Sales Manager, Eisbär Trockentechnik GmbH, Austria

In the field of auxiliary equipment, Eisbär manufactures systems to improve quality and productivity for the plastics industry focusing on systems to avoid condensation on moulds, cap cooling, drying of plastic resin, processing PET flakes, crystallisation as well as mixing and dosing.



Accurate mixing and dosing of materials and additives are essential for the plastics industry. The Eisbär mixing and dosing unit for high material throughputs is a tailor-made system solution for accurate mixing and dosing of materials and additives providing the following features:

  •  Highest throughput (several t/h are possible)

  •  Highest accuracy (each component has its own weighing system)

  •  Processing of hot material.

  •  Homogeneously mixing of all materials at once.

  •  Best reproducibility (stored recipes, highest accuracy).

  •  100% network connectivity.

  •  No pre-mixer required.


- Supplying the main materials and additives.

- Filtering the main materials and additives using grating filters (optional)

- Filling of the material hoppers

- Providing the accurate material quantities in the weighing and dosing hoppers.

- Filling of the collection hopper with the specified material quantities from the weighing hoppers by  means of screw conveyors.

- Continuous discharging of the mixture for further processing.

- The system guarantees accurate mixing and dosing of the different materials and additives.

- Visualization and graphic overview of the different dosing units and the set recipes.

- Accurate adjustment of dosing and assignment of the different materials and additives.

Our experience as an established manufacturer with extensive practical knowledge and focus in understanding the customer requirements is our outstanding strength. The customer therefore has a flexible partner with Eisbär for new and competitive tailor-made system solutions. Another important Eisbär competence is digitalisation and clearly structured visualisation as well as data connectivity of all operational data for efficient control and maintenance.

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