From washed flakes to food-grade preforms in a single thermal cycle – Circular Economy Becoming Tangible

SIPA-EREMA-Co-Development XTREME Renew converts post-consumer PET bottle scrap into preforms

Interview by Dr. Otto Appel with Antonio Narder, COO, Franco Porracin, Business Unit Director, PET Preform Systems & Tooling, Anna Horecica Csiki, Preform Systems Product Manager, Roberta Gualtieri, Marketing Manager

The first process step (Vacurema by EREMA) converts conventional washed PET bottle flakes into decontaminated food-grade PET melt with increased viscosity (IV). The melt is then, for the second step, fed to the SIPA section of the compact plant, which produces preforms using the injection-compression moulding technology.

What makes it so special: The recyclate goes through only one thermal cycle. According to the codevelopers, the quality of the preforms produced in this way benefits compared to the standard process, in which the recyclate is granulated and then melted again: the yellowing is less, while the transparency increases. SIPA also highlight that XTREME Renew preforms are up to 10% lighter than conventional injection moulded preforms. In addition, XTREME Renew aims to reduce logistics and transportation costs by 20% and total operating costs by 15%.