Stretch blow moulding

A new instrument for material and preform characterisation for stretch blow moulding

Dr. Gary Menary, CTO, Blow Moulding Technologies

Blow Moulding Technologies has emerged as an unrivalled global player in the development of innovative instrumentation used to develop, measure and test new polymers and bottles. BMT are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of materials, preforms and containers by helping the world’s largest brands, converters and machine manufacturers to engineer more optimised bottle solutions through the use of their bespoke technologies. As a spin-out from Queen’s University Belfast, with over 25 years at the helm of polymer research, BMT offer unprecedented levels of innovation and R&D to its Fortune 500 clients. Over the last 10 years, BMT have commercialised their research in order to accelerate the advancement of state-of-theart preform and bottle designs both within and beyond the realm of standard PET.