PETnology starts #PackCorona - a donation initiative for the packaging industry

Dr. Otto Appel, MD PETnology, on the idea and the goals

Dear valued network, I need your help today. 

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic I thought to myself: Something drastic, absolutely unprecedented is happening. And when I see what it does to the most industrialized countries on the planet, how it shakes seemingly invincible societies, what will it do to technically and medically less advanced and aided communities around the world? 

With these thoughts grew further questions: What can I do as a person? What can we do as a company? And what can we do as an industry to help? Especially those most in need, those most vulnerable?

It seems the virus does not threaten children's physical health as much as that of other age groups. But it is the children who will, and who already feel the effects on society the hardest, particularly in poorer regions of the world, where clean water and soap - goods that high-income countries take for granted - are not implicitly available. 

The idea: #PackCorona

From this, we developed the idea of #PackCorona - a donation initiative to unite the global packing industry in helping children and families around the world, who are especially threatened by the virus and its impact on society.

We reached out to the children’s fund of the United Nations (UNICEF) with our idea and were welcomed with great enthusiasm, cooperativeness, and pragmatism for our plan. 

Together, we set up a #PackCorona donations page, which is owned by UNICEF. This way, we ensure that our donations directly reach the intended projects and immediately support their Coronavirus relief efforts.

The donations will help UNICEF provide not only fast health and medical care, but also hope and perspective to children who need it the most.

In the face of this global challenge, witnessing how the virus affects every single person around the globe, it is easy to feel swamped and helpless as individuals. But I am certain, together, we can make a true difference: as individuals, companies, and as an industry. 

In their current assessment, UNICEF appeals for $1.6 billion to meet the growing needs of children impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With #PackCorona we can together tackle this challenge and contribute to its overcoming. The best we can do is

  • Donate whatever amount you are willing to donate.
  • Share the initiative with your network.

The virus is overcoming borders. I am sure the global packaging industry can do it too. Please find more information, as well as the link to our donation page at www.packcorona.com.

Join the cause with your donation. Every donation helps.

All the best, stay well and stay safe! Thank you.

PackCorona Website            Unicef Donation Page

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