Torus Technology Group  is an engineering group of companies providing industrial measurement, automation and support solutions to global industries.

Torus Measurements systems are used extensively within the packaging industry for a variety of testing and inspection under stringent production conditions. Torus have supplied automated measurement and testing equipment to the packaging industry for over 20 years.

Building on their success within the packaging market, Torus offer a range of plastic bottle & preform inspection equipment to enable you to meet the quality demands of your customers around the clock. Torus provide a complete service of design, manufacture, integration and support of specialised solutions in the packaging industry. Offering the customer a fresh approach to quality control using pioneering state of the art technologies. Currently collaborating with a number of key players in the plastic packaging market and with a continuously growing customer base, standard and new products are being optimised to best suit the user.

Ranging from manual gauges to fully automated and integrated turnkey solutions, the Torus project team will work with you to develop the equipment that best suit your requirements. Torus provides a comprehensive customer service facility from their dedicated technical support and administration teams. The offices are based in Telford - United Kingdom, Denver - USA, Sao Paulo - Brazil and Yuen Long - Hong Kong.

Torus Americas based in Colorado USA provides all commercial, installation and support services to clients in the Americas region.

Torus’ range of inspection equipment for PET is continuing to evolve and currently includes the following:

B300 Wall Thickness Gauge

Uses confocal sensor technology to accurately measure thickness of the wall & base in addition to the height & base clearance of plastic containers.  

Why choose the B300 Wall Thickness Gauge?

  • Utilising a factory calibrated sensor, the gauge requires no calibration for bottle thickness regardless of colour or shape.
  • Currently the only wall thickness inspection system available in the marketplace to measure thickness of the bottle base. 

B300 Product Video >>



B301 Preform gauge

Utilising high resolution camera technology for rapid non-contact reliable inspection of Preform Thread, Inner Diameter, Height and Outer Diameter at multi height positions. The gauge is manually loaded and then automatically finds start of thread before measuring to ensure repeatability across a batch.

B301 Product Video >> 

B302 TBT Gauge (thickness, body, thread)

Combining non-contact, non-invasive wall thickness measurement of the bottle shoulder, wall and base with intelligent and fast dimensional measurement of the bottle thread and body. By using the same white light chromatic confocal technology as Tours’ B300 Wall Thickness Gauge, it offers unrivalled accuracy and linearity. Two sets of high performance, patent pending, telecentric lenses and lights are utilised to measure over 20 features on threads ranging from Ø8.5mm to Ø200mm. Additional features include automatic alignment to the ‘Start of Thread’ enabling images to be taken at 0° and 90° for maximum batch repeatability; and a unique feature recognition algorithm removing the need for time consuming operator setup for different thread types.

B303 Burst Gauge

Used to verify containers meet minimum pressure capabilities and to monitor the rate of volume expansion. This critical process management tool can be used in the laboratory or alongside manufacturing lines to ensure that containers meet industry specifications. New for 2016, a product enhancement of higher max pressure of 40 bar for aerosol bottle capability.

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B304 Top Load & Volume Gauge

Introducing the world’s first, single operation Top Load & Volume Gauge. Operator loads the bottle & all tests are then carried out in one sequence; empty bottle weight, Top load (wet or dry), brim full and or fill height volume

B304 Product Video >> 

B305 Automatic Preform Inspection System

Building on the B301 Gauge, Torus have added several vision inspection systems to inspect the body, gate & sealing surface of the preform. The gauge has been designed in a modular fashion to enable the customer to custom build the gauge with the station they require. Options include: Cavity ID station, Weight station, Polarized light station, Body Inspection station and Gate & seal inspection station. Others may be available upon request.

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B309 Internal Diameter Gauge

Torus' Internal Diameter Gauge for plastic containers and preforms offers non-contact internal diameter measurements in a single operation with industry leading measurement range. Tests are carried out using 4-axis motion control without the container being touched, completely eradicating any operator influence.

The integrated vision package provides an intelligent neck centralisation function for a miniature confocal white light sensor to enter the container neck and carry out the measurement process.

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B300 Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge
B300 Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge
B301 Semi Automatic Preform Inspection
B301 Semi Automatic Preform Inspection
B302 Thickness, Body & Thread Inspection
B302 Thickness, Body & Thread Inspection

B303 Bottle Burst Gauge
B303 Bottle Burst Gauge
B304 Top Load & Volume Gauge
B304 Top Load & Volume Gauge
B305 Automatic Preform Gauge
B305 Automatic Preform Gauge

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