SGR - Société Generale de Recyclage

SGR is a recycling company localized in Chalon-Sur-Saone in southeastern France and is part of the SGT Group.

The company provides a food grade recycled PET also called "CIRPET" for Circular and RPET.

In 2018, SGR has invested in a 7 million Euro decontamination line from the Bühler Polymetrix technology which has been recognized and validated by the food safety authorities.

SGR has a processing capacity of 12,000 tons per year and will directly supply the preform production unit located at the same site: the SGT company.

This recycling unit, conceived through a circular economy approach, features a unique regeneration line unprecedented in Europe that can produce food grade recycled PET (rPET).



The facility features an extruding machine with underwater cutting and an ultra-efficient decontamination system that produces RPET whose visible qualities (transparency and color), mechanical qualities (viscosity) and organoleptic qualities match those of virgin PET.

Furthermore, the SGR uses a solid state polycondensation (SSP) system that offers the benefit of high industrial security, as all the stages of the thermal process take place in a neutral atmosphere. The whole process requires little consumption of energy.



The company reasserts its commitment to sustainable development:

"We are mindful of the economic and ecological stakes currently at play, and we have decided to contribute actively to the development of an efficient circular economy in the packaging sector by offering more recycled plastic. Our goal is clear: accelerate the incorporation of recycled plastic into the production of new preforms in accordance with new European regulations”.



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SGR Société Générale de Recyclage

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