SACMI: from small-scale mechanical workshop to major industrial cooperative.

From small-scale workshop to major industrial cooperative. From key player in Italy’s ceramic and packaging industry boom to worldwide industrial plant engineer with production facilities, distribution and service companies and manufacturing/sales networks spanning five continents. This, then, is Sacmi, an enterprise with a 90-year history which now heads over 70 companies that have achieved success in several businesses areas: from machines and complete plants for the ceramic, beverage, packaging and food processing industries to machines and production lines for plastic processing,quality control systems and services.

With a strong R&D focus ever since its founding – a tradition that has continued apace even during the economic crisis – Sacmi has conquered international markets by continuously providing, always one step ahead of its competitors, true process and product innovation.

With a parent company employing 1100 people (of whom over 150 have been taken on over the last 3 years), a total Group workforce of over 4000 and total sales of about 1.3 billion euro, the Sacmi Group stands out on account of its capacity to provide high-tech plant engineering solutions that are designed in close collaboration with the customer, who can then count on step by step support throughout the working life of the machine or production line thanks to a far-reaching, global assistance and after-sales network: solid assurance for customers, then, from both a technical-production and a financial viewpoint.

Those distinctive factors have allowed Sacmi to achieve international success - over 90% of revenues are now generated on foreign markets - while keeping its technological and manufacturing core firmly in Italy and, more specifically, in the region of Emilia-Romagna and its home city of Imola.



PET Preform Systems
PET Preform Systems
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PET Preform Compression System

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