ReduPET: Who are we?

ReduPET is an innovative enterprise which supports the processing industry for the packaging of liquids, in particular beverages, to maximize the client’s profits, not least also under the aspect of environment protection.

Resources are frequently not fully exploited already in the production of PET preforms, so that substantial amounts of energy are lost. This is often evident in the form of increased acetaldehyde levels, specified cycle times that are not reached and an inferior preform quality. An energy waste of up to 20 percent, associated with the afore-mentioned disadvantages, is usually not detected, but unfortunately widespread in the preform industry.

One focal point of ReduPET is

the production of preforms, where system components must be perfectly matched in the interest of optimal efficiency. It starts with material feeding and continues through all processes, some of which run in parallel, right to the quality-tested product. Steps which are of central importance in the production of preforms are for example:

A further focal point of ReduPET is

the plastic material saving at the actual product. Due to the process, it is impossible to optimally adapt the preform to the finished bottle – one has to compromise all the time. Two novel and protected technologies are useful here:

Neck-Lite® & Mint-Tec® => /

The third focal point

concerns the blowing technique, where we draw from valuable experience gained in injection moulding. Sources of problems can often be identified and eliminated earlier. Blowing equipment is also seen as a system and assigned the necessary importance.

Are you interested in meeting us? Perhaps even in an assessment of your savings potential in production, or of one of your products?

ReduPET is independent of machine manufacturers, mould-makers and suppliers of periphery. Our network of experts is broadly based and has been built in the last 25 years. Our know-how guarantees a fruitful and reliable cooperation.


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