Producing moulds the Swiss way.

Otto Hofstetter AG develops, manufactures and maintains injection moulds for the production of high-grade plastic packaging. The company mainly produces moulds for PET preforms, thin-walled packaging, tubes, cartridges and gardening products.

All moulds are manufactured in the factory in Switzerland and have a fantastic reputation across the world. We are the world’s second-biggest supplier of injection moulds for PET preforms.

A history of innovation.

Otto Hofstetter AG, a family-owned enterprise, was founded on 1 April 1955.

Two years later, the company was already selling its first injection moulds.

In 1962, the first moulds for thin-walled products were produced.

In 1977, the first PET-preform moulds were exported to the USA.

In 1989, the company developed 2-C hot runners for the production of multi-layer preforms.

In 1997, the founder’s son took over the company.

In 2003, the largest mould in the company’s history (a PET mould with 144 cavities) left the factory.

In 2010, the cube technique for the production of tubes was developed.

In 2014, Otto Hofstetter junior was named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year for Switzerland by Ernst & Young.

In 2015, the first cube moulds for 2-C closures were approved by Nestlé.

Typical Swiss qualities.

Precise, durable and reliable: these are the qualities that characterise our work, and, as a consequence, are the words that best describe the moulds we produce. As we constantly focus on improving upon what we have already achieved, our customers know that with us, they will always receive the most up-to-date knowledge and cutting-edge technologies. This is something that we are committed to, and, as a family-owned enterprise, a promise that we are able to keep.

The very best PET-preform moulds.


More innovation, lower costs and less energy.

This is what we offer you.

These are your advantages.

Milestones achieved.

  • More than 30 years of experience in the processing of PET
  • Constant innovation, i.e. constant improvement of the moulds
  • Definition of the optimal preform design
  • Multilayer technology developed by us
  • Perfectly balanced hotrunner systems
  • Latest know-how in PET is available to you
  • Energy and cost savings
  • Material savings and good preform behaviour in stretch-blowing
  • Improved barrier properties, longer shelf life
  • Minimal weight differences in the preform
  • Excellent start-up behaviour
  • 1977 – 16-cavity mould
  • 1988 – 48-cavity mould
  • 1998 – 96-cavity mould
  • 2002 – 64-/72-cavity mould
  • 2003 – 144-cavity mould
  • 2005 – 96-cavity / 38mm neck mould based on 350t machine
  • 2007 – 128-cavity mould based on a 350t machine (worlds first)

Maximum cavities, minimum wall thickness.

More variations for more efficiency.

This is what we offer you.

These are your advantages.

  • Moulds with 2 to 192 cavities
  • Moulds with up to 72 cavities for multilayer products
  • Horizontal and vertical applications
  • Different distances between cavities
    50x84mm, 50x120 mm, 60x114mm, 60x120mm, 60x152mm, 70x150mm, 100x160 mm 
  • Any mould dimension, suitably matched to your application
  • Co-injection technology for high-grade preforms
  • Various machine and handling concepts can be taken into account
  • Best possible exploitation of mould size relative to preform thread diameter

The clamping forces at a glance.

2- to 48 cavities (38mm)
4- to 32 cavities  (60mm)
64- to 96 cavities (38mm)
128 cavities (30mm)
128- to 144 cavities (43mm)
192 cavities (30mm)

Required clamping force
<2000 kN                          
up to 3500 kN
up to 3500 kN
up to 3500 kN
up to 6000 kN
up to 6000kN

High flexibility, high precision.

True excellence becomes apparent when put into practice.

This is what we offer you.

These are your advantages.

  • In moulds with 2 to 96 cavities, a thread diameter of 38 mm is feasible in standard execution
  • Thread diameters up to 60 mm are available as an option
  • Bigger threads on request
  • All thread types are available PCO, Alcoa, BPF, Twist-off and many others!
    New ! Each kind of short neck designs e.g. PCO Corvaglia,PCO 1881, Bericap Shorty
  • No extra cost for the production of preforms within this range of diameters
  • Wide mouths can also be made with multicavity moulds
  • Special executions are possible to suit the customer’s wishes
  • All known neck-size ranges can be produced

The bottle sizes at a glance.

2- to 192 cavities
4- to 32 cavities
8- to 24 cavities, vertical

Bottle volume
0.125 to 2.5 litres
3.0 to 10.0 litres
0.25 to 2.5 litres

Durability at its peak.

Longer-lasting with a more durable exterior.

This is what we offer you.

These are your advantages.

The coatings at a glance.

  • OH Xtreme®
    Newly developed coating of the
    actual moulding parts
  • DAS®
    Direct Airblow Support
  • Hydraulic opening of slide splits,
    at option
  • Self-lubricating guide bushes
    and slide plates
  • Optimized cooling throughout,
    with parallel supply to slide insert
    and slide bar
  • Optimized connection of hotrunner and cold side with thermal separation 
    and adapted base geometry 
  • Surfaces are better protected from wear
  • Fast, reliable ejection of the preforms
  • Unproblematic transfer of preforms of critical dimensions
  • Best sliding properties of all moving parts with minimal maintenance
  • Up to 50% lower water consumption, shortened cycle times
  • Highest preform quality in the gate area, reduced energy consumption

  • Cores OH Xtreme®, TIN or Topochrom
  • Cavities Nickel/Chrome
  • Gate pads TIN
  • Thread splits OH Xtreme®, TIN





The best solutions.


Otto Hofstetter AG manufactures injection moulds for the production of high-grade plastic packaging for a number of different industries. The main application areas of our moulds are – beside PET preforms – thin-walled packaging, tubes, cartridges and gardening products. Please visit our website for more information:



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