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M. Tanner AG offers their customers a complete solution from a single source.

Starting with a concept (Layout) via the engineering (customer solution) to the installation (Products & Service) and support during the lifetime of our products (After Sales Management).

Preform Line - one system, one source

The concept

One system, one source. That is the Tanner Preform Line. From the automatic loading of boxes, to the new way of placing the preforms into a conveyor system, through to sorting, inspecting and cleaning the preforms. The Preform Lines fulfils all requirements in one system. Different Preform Lines are available. 

PS Preform Line

The compact solution cloes to the ground for both offline and inline preform inspection at the preform production site.

Type overview

PS25up to   40,000 p/h
PS35up to   50,000 p/h
PS50up to   72,000 p/h
PS60up to 100,000 p/h

LS Preform Line

The compact, high-quality system solution for processing and sorting up to 42,000 preforms per hour, directly upstream of the blow moulding machine.

Type overview

LS18Rup to 20,000 p/h
LS25Rup to 28,000 p/h
LS25up to 32,000 p/h
LS35up to 42,000 p/h

FS Preform Line

The flexible solution for all Output ranges and layout and set-up requirements. Can be expanded with various Options and third-party components, such as cleaning or UVC irradiation. Focus: Bottling plant.

Type overview

FS18Rup to 26,000 p/h
FS25up to 46,000 p/h
FS35up to 58,000 p/h
FS50up to 68,000 p/h
FS60up to 85,000 p/h

AS Preform Line

The high-quality clean line solution with a soft metering belt, sorting close to the ground, worldwide unique cleaning system, optional camera inspection and UVC Irradiation. Focus: Bottling plant.

Type overview

AS18Rup to 26,000 p/h
AS25up to 46,000 p/h
AS35up to 58,000 p/h
AS50up to 68,000 p/h
AS60up to 85,000 p/h

KPT Tanner Tipper

Over 650 Tanner tippers are in use worldwide. Tanner tipper versions: 

  • KPTD-2214 Double Tipper for 2 to 3 boxes
  • KPT-2014   Standard Tipper
  • KPT-4014   Tipper extra-wide
  • KPT-5014   Tipper for an automatic loading with lifting fork
  • KPT-6013   Tipper for lower height

Tanner SOFThandling

New concept to reduce the noise level (<85dB) and be gentle on the preforms. No falling height anymore due to innovative technology laying out the preforms on the dosing belt. = fewer stops in the follow-up process

Available with single or double tipper. Retrofits possbile to existing Tanner preform tipper or third-party units.

Tanner Overhead Clamping Conveyor

The Tanner clamping conveyor - unique worldwide. Product coverview.

  • can be installed close to the floor
  • Preforms fed overhead (foreign bodies separated)
  • Camera Inspection (damage to openings, out-of-roundness, support ring fragments and an additional camera for gate inspection)
  • Overhead Air Rinser (ionisation and extraction of particles)
  • UVC-irradiation (for destroying germs)

Cap Solution - the logistics concept for closures

The concept

Tipper and silo - the result of two components is an entirely logistics concept for the closure handling. Tanner provides with the Cap Solution a tipping device for the customer and the market, which can be adjusted up to customer request.

Longe-term experience stikes out in a new direction - the Cap Solution.


Cap Solution connection in-line to cap silo (CST) possible.   

Max. container size (wxdxh): 1300x1300x850-1420mm

Load: max. 400kg

Loading height: 4m

Capacity cap silo: 1'300 liters / m3


  • Electrical silo cover, opening with electrical drive
  • Transport system for complete automation process


Tanner Preform Line - One System - One Source
Tanner Preform Line - One System - One Source
Tanner Preform Tipper
Tanner Preform Tipper
Tanner Preform Feeding System
Tanner Preform Feeding System

Tanner Overhead Clamping Conveyor
Tanner Overhead Clamping Conveyor

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