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Every day, millions of PET containers run through a Krones line. As a supplier for complete systems, Krones provides breweries, beverage bottlers and food producers all over the world with individual machines and with complete production lines.


PET lines from one single source

Krones designs and implements complete lines for beverage and liquid food in PET containers, which cover each individual production process step – starting from product and container production via filling and packaging up to material flow and container recycling. Krones PET lines are designed to suit individual specifications and therefore fit perfectly into various framework conditions, such as:

  • Type of product to be filled
  • Hygienic level
  • Output rate
  • Type(s) of container

The type of technology and process used depends on the individual requirements of a plant and its products.

Safe filling of sensitive products: Contiform AseptBloc

Aseptic process from first to last step: The Contiform AspetBloc produces, fills and caps PET containers under sterile conditions. Contiform AseptBloc already treats the preforms while other systems only sterilise finished bottles. The reason: The preform surface is considerably smaller. The result: shorter treatment times and noticeably less energy and media consumption.

  • Aseptic safety for teas, dairy products and other highly sensitive beverages
  • Dry process using H2O2 as environmentally friendly sterilising medium
  • Complete sterile process chain – from preform to filled and capped container
  • Suitable for standard and light-weight PET containers

Functional eye-catchers: Krones bottle designs

PET bottles are subjected to many endurance tests during their lifetime, such as withstanding various filling pressures or long routes of transportation. Having met this challenge, they are facing an even more difficult task, that is to convince the consumers. The Krones design ensures an outstanding performance for PET bottles, both during production and in the retail shelves. Being experts in this industrial sector, Krones designers have a great deal of experience combining functionality and creativity. Numerous design awards and extraordinary designs for customers all over the world provide evidence. 

...starting all over again: PET recycling

Even non-returnable PET bottles have more than one service life. PET can easily be recycled and thereby be used again and again for the production of new PET bottles or other plastic products. To make efficient use of this valuable material characteristic with regard to costs and ecological efficiency, Krones developed the MetaPure recycling system. It closes the bottle-to-bottle circuit and enables the PET bottles to start all over again. 





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