IMDvista Philosophy

Our customers are our partners. We are good listeners and develop solutions which enable the plastics and packaging industry to work efficiently and cost-effectively.

We depend on our know-how, experience as well as teamwork and good communication skills to achieve innovative Solutions.

IMDvista - More than just a Vision System

CLOSURE Inspection

Your Advantage:

One central control, one technician that oversees everything, one sparepart kit, one contact for all: One System of a piece and one source. And to top it all; it‘s in stainless steel.

Now also integrated with slitting/folding and digital print.

IMDvista INOX Line

IMDvista SDL – Slitting and Folding


  • Compact and standardized layout
  • Compact and fully integrated in one system
  • Ease of use for high user efficiency
  • Lower investment for shortest paybacks


IMDvista CLDP – Closure Digital Print


  • Flexible customized printing
  • High Quality in CMYK
  • Process flow: descrambling, printing, inspection (all in one)
  • Fast change-over of formats & designs
  • Easy Operation
  • Small foot print (to be quantified)
  • Automated Ink handling
  • Automatic cleaning and conserving system
  • Inks are compliant with Nestlé positive list
  • Speed up to 1500 cpm (depending the closure design)
  • Closure outside Diameter up to 60mm


IMDvista CSIX – Conveyor INOX Line

Facts on the ORIGINAL

  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Flexibility superior to any profile solutions
  • Compact and fully integrated in one system
  • Easy and flexible size adjustments
  • Belt change in less than 5 minutes
  • Including control cabinet, Ethernet, PLC, screen, blowout etc.


IMDvista V4 Ultra Vision Software


  • Fast overview (most important readings at your fingertip)
  • Trend chart for immediate system history
  • Self learn function (no special vision technology knowledge necessary)
  • Color camera only
  • Fast application >3’000 parts/min.
  • SSD cards technology (no hard drive) 

PREFORM Inspection

The concept:

We keep the Preforms in one straight line, no bends, no corners etc. Adapting from one Preform to another within a few minutes through simple changes in the setting without changing of parts. Rely on our proved and tested technology, which is already succesfully and reliably in operation.

IMDvista Factory Concept 4.0

In Combination with M. Tanner SWISS based company and their high quality preform handling products, you can equip your production for 100% preform inspection.

«Factory Concept 4.0» for 100% production control, inspection and wall thickness measurement.



Most gentle and compact preform inspection system – We keep the preforms in one straight line, no bends, no corners etc.

  • Easy and fast product change (no mechanical size parts)
  • Cavity recognition
  • Conveyor belts only (no star wheels)
  • Integrated bad part bin (half octabin on pallet)
  • Box filling directly after conveyor



Sliding preform for 100% production feedback.

  • Process monitoring shot by shot
  • Easy integration into your production systems
  • Requires no additional floor space
  • No preform orientation


IMDvista PORTAL - All Systems on one Screen Network Solution

Data for closed loop control and Industry 4.0.:

  • Easy overview for all IMDvista connected systems
  • Production & quality transparency
  • IMD remote access to your installed IMDvista Systems via TeamViewer or Desk Share
  • Backup of all Vision System
  • Updates controlled from the Server
  • High compatibility to your ERP, MES, LIMs, etc.
  • Connection via SQL database

Tanner – VZT Preform Feeding System – Compact Line


  • More than 20 years experience; more than 2.000 systems in operation worldwide
  • Concept for inline or offline
  • Flexible installation options
  • Level control for automatic loading
  • Fast changeover from PCO to wide neck
  • Remote control directly at the roller sorter
  • Option: rail change over pneumatically from PCO to wide neck
  • standard line: a Tanner system for any layouts & for speed up to 80’000 p/h

Tanner - KPTL Tipper System


  • Connection on any side to silo
  • Adjustable side parts
  • Low height (< 4 meter
  • Easy noise protection possible
  • Option silo cover

BOTTLE Inspection

One button only:

Inline system solution integrated into customers production line.

Flexibility and ease of operation are the most outstanding features. We did choose a very robust construction.

Easy teach-in function is one of the key feature.

IMDvista BOCO IL - BOTTLE Testing System


  • Simple and robust mechanical setup
  • Trend chart for immediate system history
  • Self learn function (no special vision technology knowledge necessary)
  • Color cameras only
  • SSD cards technology (no hard drive) 

BARRIER Inspection


Imagine if your handling system does not stop to take a picture – This is exactly how our IMDvista BTIR operates!

(BTIR OEM) - Integrated into the Handling and Robot-Systems

The integration is very simple and our extensive experience with OEM systems comes to show. It is operated with our well known and appreciated IMDvista V4 software and hardware. The system can be supplemented with any normal daylight cameras. Simple, fast, IMDvista.

(BTIR OL) - Offline System for sampling inspection

This system is ideal for off-line testing to examine while prototyping or sample from a production quickly and easily. Because of the direct feedback on the quality of the barrier layer, the optimization of the process is extremely efficient. With its flexible mounting, parts of all kinds can clamp and checked quickly and easily. The system is very compact, therefore it is mobile and flexible as well.


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