Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. is a leading supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. We design, manufacture and integrate the industry’s most comprehensive range of injection molding equipment, including machines, molds, hot runners, auxiliaries and integrated systems. Our value?added services include preform development, factory planning, customer training, systems integration and complete asset management.

With one of the broadest product lines in the industry, our equipment is used to produce a wide range of products for the beverage packaging, closures, thinwall packaging, medical, and consumer electronics markets. With more than 40 service and sales offices and employing approximately 4,000 people worldwide, Husky supports customers in over 100 countries. Our main manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, China, India and the Czech Republic.

Beverage Packaging

HyPET system

HyPET® is an integrated injection molding system where all components, including machine, mold, hot runner, robot, post-mold cooling and auxiliaries, are specifically designed to work together as a fully integrated and optimized workcell. This integrated approach makes it possible to achieve the highest levels of overall equipment efficiency (OEE). HyPET delivers high quality preforms, fast cycles, reliable performance, low scrap rates and also features several system refinements that enable improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance.

Husky’s intelligent Mold ID integrates the machine, cold half, hot runner and post-mold cooling for optimized system parameters like tonnage and injection profile. Mold ID sets operating parameters for each tool and allows for porting of that optimized process from machine to machine. This results in correct start-up and operating procedures, eliminating potential human error.

HyPET systems deliver:

  • Reduced variability and increased part quality
  • Lowest energy consumption in its class
  • Polaris™ Control provides an intuitive operator experience, reducing operator training and providing rich process monitoring data
  • Fully integrated workcells to get up and running faster and keep running more efficiently 



HyPET High Performance Package (HPP) takes productivity to a higher level

Should you require even more output from a HyPET system, we offer the High Performance Package (HPP), which provides up to 20% faster cycle times. HPP is the result of advancements to every area of the preform molding system, including hot runner, mold, robot, injection unit, clamp and auxiliary equipment.

HyPET HPP systems deliver:

  • High capacity that is proven and reliable
  • Reduced variability and increased part quality
  • Preform lightweighting by enabling thinner-wall sections
  • Resin savings on every shot consistently for the life of the system
  • Lowest energy consumption per part produced
  • Integrated system that is easy to operate and get up and running faster
  • Compatibility with your existing Husky molds

The productivity improvements offered with HyPET HPP further reduce the cost of PET packaging. Optimization of the melt stream from pellet to part results in higher preform quality and a significantly improved ability to mold thinwall preforms. This helps to reduce the cost of PET as a packaging material and enable the expansion of PET into new market segments.

Barrier module for HyPET HPP5

Already the leading supplier of equipment and services to the global PET preform manufacturing industry, Husky has developed an industry-leading barrier solution, built as a module available with HyPET® HPP5. Enabled by new barrier technology, the high performance multi-layer module makes HyPET® HPP5 the industry’s most capable injection molding system, delivering precise amounts of barrier material to reach the target shelf life. Our barrier technology offers manufacturers new possibilities to explore PET as a packaging material for beverages, providing opportunities for significant cost savings that were previously unreachable for applications requiring a barrier.

Our barrier solution delivers:

  • Highest ever system capability and the ability to produce parts with low barrier content – Husky can produce multi-layer preforms at 2.5% and 1% barrier, saving you up to 50% on barrier material costs
  • Increased capability to precisely dose and distribute barrier material – Husky can produce a range of only 0.5%, compared to the current industry average of 1.5%
  • Advanced melt delivery system with our Stratus hot runner – delivers unrivaled balance with only two melt splits
  • Flexibility – compatibility with mono-layer and multi-layer tooling, ensuring full utilization of existing assets

HyPET Recycled Flake (RF) system

Husky’s HyPET Recycled Flake (RF) system is specifically designed for manufacturing preforms with high percentages of food-grade recycled PET flake, with no compromise in cycle times or throughputs. The end result is a molding platform that can lower the cost and environmental impact of PET as a packaging material without sacrificing system performance or compromising part quality.

HyPET RF systems deliver:

  • Reduced variability and increased part quality
  • Lowest energy consumption per part produced
  • Easy operation though Polaris Control
  • Fully integrated workcells to get up and running faster and keep running more efficiently

Preform tooling

As the world’s largest moldmaker, Husky is able to deliver global tooling programs for new molds or conversions of any size. We continue to invest in our dedicated state-of-the-art facilities to increase capacity, reduce lead times and maximize part quality. In-house test rooms are capable of testing all molds manufactured. Preform molds range from single to 144 cavities.

  • Industry-leading productivity based on fast cycle times and high efficiency levels
  • Part ejection sensors monitor preform transfer to the take-off plate, improving cycle times and reducing the risk of mold damage
  • Standard interchangeable mold components, replacement parts available
  • Two-piece cavity option allows the replacement of wear parts without changing the entire cavity
  • Choice of standard or High Performance Package (HPP) designs to best match system output to production requirements
  • Multi-position take-off plates and post-mold cooling devices ensure cool, damage-free preforms exit the conveyor
  • High quality materials and proven mold designs ensure long mold life
  • Ultra hot runners feature a spring pack that increases the temperature operating range and eliminates leaking plastic
  • Stainless steel stacks eliminate molding surface corrosion and reduce refurbishing and conversion costs
Part quality
  • Best-in-class manufacturing machines and processes result in lowest cavity-to-cavity weight and dimensional variability
  • Water connections consolidated at the bottom of the mold eliminate potential for water marks on preforms
  • Variety of stack designs and surface finish options allow each application to be optimized to meet your specific needs
  • Special programs available when tighter than industry standard dimensional and/or weight tolerances are required (standard on HyPET® HPP systems)

Beverage Closures

Beverage closures systems designed to maximize productivity

Husky’s HyCAP™ system is specifically designed for beverage closure manufacturing. By providing a complete and integrated system, including machine, mold, hot runner, temperature controller and auxiliaries, we have truly optimized all components to increase productivity, eliminate waste and provide the best part quality.

HyCAP incorporates proven injection molding technology to help beverage closure manufacturers achieve industry-leading levels of productivity. The latest generation HyCAP is the world’s most productive injection molding system capable of achieving 8% faster cycle times and system level energy savings of up to 3% over previous generations.

We’ve incorporated features from Husky’s industry-leading preform manufacturing system to offer a beverage closure system that is smarter and easier to use. Enhancements to HyCAP include:

  • Semi-automated color change technology reduces waste and improves uptime
  • New, easier to maintain beverage closure mold
  • Optional Mold ID enhances mold changes and increases ease of maintenance
  • SmartStart® and SmartStop technology for reduced resin consumption
  • Direct drive motor with new compact design for up to 30% more throughput
  • Improved injection unit offers increased flexibility and broader application range
  • Simplified Human Machine Interface (HMI) with easy to use Polaris™ Control touchscreen
  • Ultra hot runners with Energy Savings Package (ESP) reduces hot runner energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Automated color change feature improves repeatability to minimize waste and improve uptime
  • Increased scalability by maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy KTW tooling

Husky beverage closure molds for high speed, high cavitation, high volume beverage closure applications

Husky’s beverage closure mold design improves productivity and maximizes uptime by eliminating unnecessary stoppages and allowing for quick and easy maintenance. The mold also incorporates specific features to provide easy set-up and mold longevity while eliminating the need for sensors to monitor vulnerable components.

Husky beverage closure molds offer:

  • Innovative and robust one-piece slide design to optimize cycle time
  • Mold ID for process recall and real-time maintenance information for enhanced flexibility (optional)
  • Faster installation with quick connections on the cooling manifold to improve uptime
  • Internal slide actuation to prevent collisions and resulting damage



HyPET™ Preform Systems Flyer
HyPET™ Preform Systems Flyer
PET Mold Refurbishment and Conversion
PET Mold Refurbishment and Conversion
HyCap™ Beverage Closures Flyer
HyCap™ Beverage Closures Flyer

Optimized for speed, quality, and consistency whitepaper
Optimized for speed, quality, and consistency whitepaper

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