Founded in 2005, DEMO Design and Moulds is now one of the main suppliers of PET Packaging solutions on an international level. Offering clients a service at 360°, from bottle design to PET container projects, the evaluation of the new bottle on existing lines to neck conversions, from blow mould manufacture to the installation and production start-up at the client’s plant.

DEMO Design and Moulds’ philosophy unites passion, efficiency, innovation and the importance of people and relationships. This allows us to give each and every project an original and personal touch, in harmony with the client’s expectations.


DEMO’s consultancy reduces and avoids the possibility of mistakes or waste of time and money, supporting clients in analyzing all aspects that come in to play when evaluating a PET bottle project.

These include studying problems, new operations consultancy, design and industrialization of new PET containers, prototyping and laboratory tests, manufacture and supply of blow moulds, installation and training at the client’s plant.

DEMO’s strong point is the fact that all of these services are carried out within one plant, reducing costs and lead times.

Before taking on new projects, our Integrated Project Assessment service allows us to answer a series of questions:

  • What does the client wish to achieve with the new PET bottle?
  • Which, and how many possible solutions are there?
  • Which PET preform is best for producing the new container?
  • Does the solution fulfil the client’s expectations?
  • Does the solution take into account technical limitations on the existing production lines?
  • Is the solution the best option for reducing format changeover times?

PET Bottle Design

Brand, values, current and future positioning and competitive context are essential considerations that guide our PET bottle design projects.

DEMO Design and Moulds has always been an innovative company that offers designer PET bottle solutions, and is amongst the top European companies to have received recognition for its PET bottle designs.  All of our PET container projects are driven by essential considerations, brand, value, current and future product positioning, competitive context.

Valuing the purchase, interpreting consumer needs, giving life to containers that meet and satisfy these wishes.  DEMO works closely with the client to pinpoint what they wish to communicate and synchronize it with the unavoidable technical restrictions.

Prototyping & Testing

Our additional SERVICES include PET container sampling so that new products can be fully assessed, also on the client’s production lines, and laboratory tested.

Once the container design has been approved by the client, and before going ahead with the manufacture of the industrial set of blow moulds, it’s possible to see how the final container will look.

Plexiglas Mock-up: A transparent or coloured Plexiglas bottle, with the same shape, dimensions and neck-finish as the approved container. It offers the possibility to test various types of caps and labels, and well as the impact of the new container on the production lines.

Pilot mould: A pre-series mould can be made for the client’s blow moulding machine in order to verify the correspondence between the mould’s mechanical parameters and those of the machine. The service allows clients to test the output (blown PET bottle) directly on their production lines.

Container prototyping: Through the production of one single mould, DEMO can produce batches of containers on a single cavity machine. Thanks to this service, the client can see the new PET bottles right from the start and evaluate the correspondence between the technical, visual and dimensional parameters.

Laboratory tests: DEMO carries out the main laboratory tests on the new PET containers, dimensional and Top Load tests etc. The results are sent to the client with all of the parameters established during the design stage.


When the PET bottle design has been defined the next stage of the project is to make a blow mould.

Once the PET bottle project has been approved, we begin with the planning and manufacture of the entire set of moulds for the blow moulding machine.

DEMO uses the latest 2D and 3D software for the definition of the project, and to support the production and control machines. Advanced 5 axis C.N.C. machines are used, along with tried and tested suppliers and certified raw materials to produce, test and take care of the products, guaranteeing clients high quality and definite lead times and production costs.

DEMO also supplies all accessories required for the change in format of a new PET bottle.


Upon request, DEMO’s technicians can install the moulds and start-up production of the new PET bottle at the client’s premises. The vast knowledge of the lines allows DEMO’s technicians to intervene and optimize the single processes during all bottling stages.


DEMO deals with line conversions concerning neck changes. From the verification of line parameters at the customers plant, the evaluation of a new preform, new bottle design proposals to accompany the new neck, through to the installation of all new components on the blowing line carried out by our specialised technicians.


Our commitment to the environment encourages us to find effiecient ways to re-use or recycle blow moulds at the end of their production life.

For this reason, we offer you the possibility to deliver us your old moulds (made by any manufacturer). In exchange for your used moulds, you will receive a discount on your new moulds.


DEMO has developed a special “Lightbase” studied for nitrogen filling. The special shape of the base, combined with an extremely low weight resolves the problem with container instability caused by the nitrogen pressure in the base.


The future of PET packaging lies in environmental friendliness and lightweighting. It’s now essential to develop new PET bottles that minimise the impact on the environment through the reduction of raw material. New PET bottles that can convey both incisive communication and technical value.



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DEMO Corporate Brochure

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