Comprehensive PET expertise: added value that shows up on your bottom line for plastic bottle developing, manufacturing, and barrier coating

The products:

  • KHS Corpoplast, Bottles & Shapes™: Design, engineering, testing, and process design for high-quality PET bottles combining extremely low weight with outstanding stability. Fulfillment of pre-defined specifications for industrial manufacturing is assured.
  • KHS Corpoplast, Blomax: The lowest energy consumption, quickest product changeovers, greatest precision, and highest availability for high-speed production of premium plastic bottles.
  • KHS Plasmax: Unrivaled protection and extended shelf life for sensitive products in plastic bottles thanks to an ultra-thin, invisible, and completely recyclable inner coating of pure glass.

The advantage: brilliant mass-produced light-weight plastic bottles perfectly suited to conveyors and filling lines with an outstanding barrier coating for sensitive products if required, all at an exceptionally low total cost of ownership.

KHS Corpoplast
PET pionier and packaging specialist

The first mass-produced PET bottle was manufactured in 1975 on a Corpoplast machine. With over 30 years of PET experience, KHS Corpoplast has grown from a machine manufacturer to a leading service provider for PET packaging solutions.

Bottles & Shapes™– 
plastic bottle design and development to meet even the most stringent requirements

  • a pioneer in the PET business
  • over 6,500 bottle designs
  • designs developed according to client specifications and requests
  • 3D CAD design with Catia V5 and optimization with finite element analysis
  • rapid prototyping in just a few hours
  • light weighting: considerable material and energy savings, optimized preform design
  • in-house blow mold fabrication by KHS Moldtec, PET knowledge transfer for exceptionally brilliant bottles
  • all the necessary testing to verify fulfillment of bottle specifications at on-site certified laboratory
  • correct functionality guaranteed
  • installation of the process design on the Blomax SBM for a perfect mass-production plastic bottle with minimal weight that achieves exceptional energy efficiency, output performance, and transport reliability in the line


InnoPET Blomax Series IV
Completely new designed High-Speed Stretch Blow Molding system
First shown at drinktec 2009

  • up to 72,000 bottles/hour
  • up to 2,200 bottles/hour/blowing station
  • bottle volumes from 0.2 – 3.0 liter
  • modular machine concept, machine family from 4-36 blowing stations

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership* through

  • very little energy consumption
  • very high process stability
  • very high availability
  • very little maintenance costs

   * once more reduced by app. 13% vs. series III

Options available

  • Airback® air recycling system
  • Speed-Loc® system for rapid change-over
  • camera controlled bottle inspection
  • perform check and ejection
  • blowing processes: relax and hotfill
  • blocked stretch blow molding / filler-capper system InnoPET BloFill

KHS Plasmax

6PET bottles with a touch of glass
InnoPET Plasmax – optimal protection for sensitive products

  • considerably extends the shelf life of sensitive products
  • used for products that are carbonated or sensitive to oxygen such as juices, wine, tea, cooking oil, beer, and soft drinks
  • protects with an ultra-thin invisible barrier of the purest glass on the inside of the bottle
  • coated PET bottles are fully recyclable
  • can be used for bottles from 0.1 to 1.5 liters and nearly every closure and application
  • allows maximum availability and process reliability at very low total cost of ownership
  • impressive with its ease of operation and proven technology



InnoPET Blomax Series III brochure
InnoPET Blomax Series III datasheet
InnoPET Blomax Series IV brochure

InnoPET Blomax Series IV datasheet
InnoPET Blomax Series IV productsheet
Bottles & Shapes™ brochure

InnoPET BloFill Block
InnoPET BloFill Block with Blomax Series IV blow molding machine
Value added Bottling brochure

Speed-Loc rapid exchange system

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