Agr International is the foremost manufacturer of inspection and quality control equipment for the plastic container industry worldwide. 

Agr International offers a variety of equipment and services specifically designed to meet the quality assurance needs of preform manufacturers, plastic container manufacturers and fillers using plastic containers. Agr International products include high throughput, vision-based on-line inspection systems for containers and preforms, automated laboratory products and a variety of manual gauges that can be used in the laboratory or on the production floor. 

Agr International is strongly committed to be the industry leader in container inspection. Through continued research and development, Agr International engineers are providing the technological developments to meet the current and future quality assurance needs of the plastic container industry.


Pilot Vision™ System

The Pilot Vision System is an in-the-blowmolder vision system designed to eliminate random defects in the sidewall, seal surface and base of PET containers as well as sidewall inspection of preforms.  The system facilitates the evaluation of the complete container and preform for random defects, including those resulting from increased PCR content.

Process Pilot™ Closed-loop Blowmolder Control System

The Process Pilot™ closed-loop blowmolder control system offers the means to accomplish true closed-loop processing of PET containers. This system is an interactive program that works as a virtual operator, providing real-time monitoring and multi-parameter adjustment for hands-free blowmolder operation.  


Pilot Profiler™ Material Distribution System

The Pilot Profiler™ in-the-blowmolder material distribution management system offers the most comprehensive method for wall thickness measurement and blowmolder performance monitoring available today. Because the system has the means to identify small changes in material distribution with high precision, it offers manufacturers the ability to proactively manage the production to a very fine degree.

Packaging Pressure Tester (PPT3000™)

The Packaging Pressure Tester 3000 (PPT3000™) offers high-resolution, servo-controlled pressure and volume expansion testing capabilities for plastic containers with the versatility to perform a number of industry standard and custom test profiles. The PPT3000™ can be used in the laboratory or along manufacturing links to verify that containers meet minimum pressure capabilities and / or to monitor the rate of volume expansion throughout the test cycle.

MBT 7200 / 7400

The MBT is a portable thickness measuring device that offers the capability to precisely measure materials up to 10mm thick. The MBT provides easy, non-destructive and highly accurate thickness measurement of all types of non-ferrous products, regardless of size, shape or material. It is ideal for applications where accurate measurements of sharp corners, small radii, and/or complex shapes are required. 



Fill Height Tester

The Fill Height Tester is a precision testing instrument designed to automate the task of fill height volume and overflow measurements. With the touch of a button, the Fill Height Tester automatically weighs, fills and precisely measures container volume while compensating for temperature and water density. 

Gawis-Std GW9000®, Gawis-OD OD9500®

The Gawis® systems provide comprehensive automatic measuring of plastic bottles, containers, and preforms. The Gawis-Std GW9000® measures material thickness distribution and overall height. Besides thickness distribution and height, the Gawis-OD OD9500® measures all critical external dimensions in the neck finish and body areas as well as perpendicularity and base clearance. 


Wall Thickness Profiler PG9800T

The Wall Thickness Profiler PG9800T provides a quick and easy method for monitoring vertical sidewall thickness distribution on plastic containers. The PG9800T is intended to eliminate destructive test methods due to its ability to automatically perform the test and give the actual vertical wall thickness distribution in graphic form.

Preform Vision Gauge PVG4100

The Preform Vision Gauge PVG4100 provides rapid measurement of preform neck finish, ovality, body diameter, total length, gate length, and straightness. The PVG4100 offers non-destructive and non-contact measurements with excellent repeatability and reproducibility. The optional automatic sample feeding system enables the PVG4100 to perform measurements on groups of preforms with minimal operator involvement.


Combi Tester 

The Combi Tester performs automatic measurement of both capacity and vertical strength in one convenient package. The system can perform fill height and brimful volume tests in the same operation and has adjustable topload compression ranges.

Vision Bottle Gauge VBG7000

The Vision Bottle Gauge VBG7000 is an automated, vision-based tool for the measurement of container finishes and body characteristics. The VBG7000 provides comprehensive measurement for critical dimensions such as finish, tilt, thread, body diameters, lean, height, neck region angles, and radii. An optional automatic sample feeding system is available for high volume applications.

Hand Held Thickness Probe 2000 (HHTP2000) 

The Hand Held Thickness Probe 2000 measures spot thickness on bottles, molded containers, and other hollow products without the need for target balls or coupling fluid. This portable device is for use in the laboratory or on the plant floor. 



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