In 2008, Athena was established to build an injection molding machine customizable with pre-engineered options. We chose a two-platen machine with servo-driven pumps. Based on this technology, our program now covers 150 to 550 metric tons, addressing 50% of the global injection molding machine market.

We also decided to build machines only and let our customers choose suppliers for molds, hot runners, downstream automation, and auxiliary equipment.

Consequently, our relationship with mold makers has a major impact on our business. By combining their mold expertise with our machines, we are able to provide leading solutions to customers.

Further development of our machines resulted in the new NIIGON generation which incorporates our accumulated experience. "Niigon" is an Ojibwa indigenous word that means "for the future".

Each machine now comes with a 5-year warranty, no-charge courtesy visits, and training. We also provide installation and facility layout assistance.

To remain a family- and employee-controlled company with no debt we invested in:

  • A new manufacturing plant.
  • An integrated team for Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, and IT.
  • Developing proprietary technology.

This makes it possible to deliver to order just-in-time.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation – Take risks and implement new ideas.
  • Passion for Excellence – Continually improve, seek the best solutions and flawless execution.
  • Relationships – Work with honesty and integrity.
  • Teamwork – Work together and learn from each other.
  • Contribution – Make contributions to our communities and the environment.


We manufacture compact, rigid, and accurate high-performance injection molding machines with multiple pre-engineered options for customization. The machines incorporate the latest servo ball screw and pump technology.

Modular and scalable controls featuring distributed inputs and outputs allow easy customization. Features include an 800 µs reaction time, full data transparency, machine life cycle monitoring, and "heartbeat" functionality. Standardized interfaces allow machines to be integrated in Industry 4.0 smart factories.

Third-party equipment can be controlled through the machine's HMI. This allows mold servomotors for in-mold actions, such as unscrewing and closing, to be built into the machine cycle sequence, along with torque and power tracing.

  • Clamping forces between 150 and 550 metric tons
    • Reciprocating screw and two-stage injection with screw diameters ranging from 30 to 140 mm

Fastest to market: The wide range of pre-engineered options leads to reduced development time and the capability to quickly integrate customers' requirements.

Pre-engineered options:

  • PET
  • Cube
  • Stack
  • Two-material
  • Robotics
  • Unscrewing
  • Integrated 3rd party hot runner controllers
  • Modular ejectors
  • Integrated servo functions


  • Energy consumption comparable to all-electric machines
  • Increased productivity
    • Best-in-class mold capacity and improved cycle times
    • Reduced machine and mold maintenance
    • Emphasis on cleanliness
    • Easy maintenance
  • Best-in-class footprint for horizontal machines
  • 5-year warranty and support
  • Just-in-time manufacturing
  • Environmental responsibility

Servo driven gear pump(s) operate on demand for plasticizing, injection, clamp force build-up, mold break, nozzle pressure, auxiliary motions, nozzle opening, ejector assist. Electric servo drives operate the mold stroke, ejector, and clamp lock.

Energy consumption is lowered through the use of an active power supply that regenerates power – instead of being converted to heat; kinetic energy generated during braking is regenerated into the power supply system.


Athena has developed more than 50 pre-engineered options for market-specific machine customization – for example:

  • PET, stack, rotary table, or cube
  • Multimaterial injection, two-stage injection, injection-compression
  • Increased injection speed and/or torque
  • Screw geometries and shut-off nozzles
  • Increased clamp stroke & daylight
  • Integrated mold services (process water, air, vacuum, hydraulics, and servo cores)
  • Integrated auxiliary equipment (e.g. hot runner controllers, conveyors)
  • Software functions such as machine remote monitoring and remote notification


Athena Company Brochure
Athena Company Brochure

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