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Agr International, Inc. offers a broad line of products and services specifically designed to help bottle manufacturers around the world produce high-quality containers while improving efficiencies, reducing costs and contributing to the responsible management of resources.

Whether you need specialized testing equipment to support the quality of production efforts; a certified, independent laboratory to supplement your testing program or the assistance of expert consultants to better manage container filling and packaging related problems, Agr offers products and services that are right for you!

Process Pilot® Family of Products

Total process control and quality management for PET containers

The Agr Process Pilot family of products offers a total process and quality control program for PET containers. This powerful combination of thickness distribution management, automated blowmolder control, material orientation optimization and random defect detection provides an un-matched set of tools that can significantly improve operational efficiencies on a 24/7 basis, while improving product quality and increasing profitability.

Unlike any other blowmolder management method, the Process Pilot system controls the blowmolder based on direct feedback from bottle measurements rather than just blowmolder performance indicators.  Measurement feedback through continuous monitoring is used to automatically adjust blowmolder settings, maintaining the blowmolding process at optimum levels.  The Process Pilot management method is designed to ensure that all final production bottles have the desired quality and performance attributes in spite of environmental, blowmolder or material variations that occur during the production process.

Process Pilot® Automated Blowmolder Control System

Automated blowmolder control system for PET container production

The Process Pilot® automated blowmolder control system is a combination of software and hardware interface components that work in conjunction with the Pilot Profiler™ measurement system to provide a hands-free means to maintain the blowmolding process. The Process Pilot control system utilizes feedback from the Pilot Profiler™ system to continually monitor material distribution and automatically adjust blowmolder settings to maintain optimal bottle distribution characteristics, without operator intervention. The Process Pilot system eliminates time-consuming manual steps in the blowmolding management process, resulting in reduced process variability and improved bottle performance and quality.

Pilot Profiler® Material Distribution Management System

Comprehensive in-the-blowmolder thickness distribution measurement for PET containers

The Pilot Profiler® in-the-blowmolder material distribution measurement system offers real-time measurement feedback for PET containers, at the point of production, on every container produced. This system provides the high accuracy material distribution data that is essential for the light weighting, quality management and process control functions in today’s high speed blowmolding operations. It is compatible with all major brands of rotary blowmolders.

The Pilot Profiler system features a compact non-contact measurement unit that is positioned within the blowmolder to measure bottles as they exit the mold. This system can be fitted with up to 32 sensors to produce a comprehensive thickness profile over the entire sidewall of a container.


Volume expansion, pressure testing and shelf-life prediction for plastic and related containers

The PPT3000 offers high-resolution, servo-controlled pressure and volume expansion testing for plastic and related containers. The system can be used to verify that containers meet minimum pressure capabilities and to monitor the rate of volume expansion. This critical process management tool can be used in the laboratory or along side manufacturing lines to ensure that containers meet industry specifications.

Testing modes of the PPT3000

  • Fill-Ramp Mode – simulates the conditions for filling operations
  • Burst Pressure Mode – pressured quickly to a predefined pressure level
  • Custom Test Mode – provides the capability to create unique profiles
  • Programmable Volume Expansion Mode (optional) – enables operators to configure the duration of time for capturing the volume expansion during testing
  • M-RULE® Shelf-Life Mode (optional) – provides material utilization and predicted shelf-life data

An optional mode is also available for testing aluminum bottle domes. This test mode applies controlled internal pressure to a container to the point of base failure.

Gawis® Systems

Comprehensive, automatic laboratory-based measuring systems for plastic containers and preforms

The Gawis® system is a comprehensive, automatic measuring and gauging system for plastic bottles, containers, and preforms. The industry standard for quality control test equipment, the Gawis and Gawis-OD® systems provide fast, accurate, non-destructive measurement of thickness and dimensional attributes.

Ideal for PET containers including beverage, wide mouth, and petaloid base

Provides documented details on thickness and physical dimensions

Performs tests that would normally be time-consuming and tedious

Powerful laboratory and quality control tool

Profiler Gauge PG9800T

Non-destructive plastic bottles wall thickness measurement and profiling system

The Profiler Gauge PG9800T is an automated measuring device for at-the-line and laboratory-based plastic container wall thickness distribution measurement. The PG9800T provides non-destructive, accurate and repeatable wall thickness distribution measurement in a single operation. This compact device is ideal for determining wall thickness on PET and similar plastic bottles and containers.

The PG9800T performs:

  • Wall thickness measurement over the entire bottle sidewall
  • Vertical and horizontal sidewall thickness distribution measurements
  • Integrated section average calculations
  • Overall height measurement of plastic bottles


  • Automatically records and analyzes data
  • Measures up to eight sectors around the bottle or container
  • Touch screen operation
  • Provides integrated section average calculations for either three or five sections applications
  • Internal database stores data for numerous container types
  • Auto teach mode
  • Advanced reporting and SPC
  • USB printer and data connectivity
  • Simple, graphical screen display


Automatic volume and vertical load testing in a single unit

The Combi tester provides automatic volume and topload measurements in the same operation.

Multiple Test Modes


  • Fill height volume
  • Brimful volume
  • Fill height and brimful volume


  • Standard max load vs. deflection
  • First peak
  • All peak
  • Process control


  • Integrated volume and topload testing
  • Fill-height and brimful volume tests in the same operation
  • Easy, programmable operation
  • Robust “at-the-line” design
  • Compact footprint
  • Excellent repeatability and reproducibility
  • Selectable volume fill height
  • Adjustable topload compression speed and range
  • Auto-compensation for ambient water temperature and density

MBT 7200xt/7400xt

Portable, high-precision thickness measurement for non-ferrous materials

The MBT 7200xt and MBT 7400xt portable thickness measuring devices offer the capability to precisely measure materials up to 24mm thick. The small size and portability of the device enables it to be operated in production areas and quality laboratories. The MBT provides easy, non-destructive and highly accurate thickness measurement of all types of non-ferrous products, regardless of their size, shape, or material. It is ideal for applications where accurate measurements of sharp corners, small radii, and/or complex shapes are required.

The MBT is designed to permit optimal flexibility for testing a wide range of material of different thickness. Two sensor probes and a series of precision engineered target ball sizes facilitate accurate and repeatable measurements for material thickness ranging from 0-24mm. The all-digital design offers superior performance and eliminates the issue of noise interference with other equipment.

Operating principal – the MBT utilizes the “Hall Effect” principal to precisely determine the distance between the magnetic probe and precision target balls.

Hand Held Thickness Probe

Portable thickness measurement of glass, plastic or other non-conductive materials

The Hand Held Thickness Probe (HHTP2000) is a portable thickness measurement and evaluation device designed for measuring non-conductive materials. The unique touch and measure design is well suited for containers and hollow molded products. The HHTP2000 is ideal for plant operations where quick and effortless measurement of material distribution is needed. The HHTP2000 does not require target balls or coupling fluids, eliminating the risk of product contamination.

Operating principal – the HHTP2000 utilizes Agr’s proven “touch and measure” capacitive thickness technology. The effective capacitance of the HHTP2000 probe tip changes in proportion to the average thickness of the material. The change in capacitance is converted and then read as thickness on the digital display.



Combi (Volume/Topload Tester)
Combi (Volume/Topload Tester)
Gawis® Systems
Gawis® Systems
Hand Held Thickness Probe 2000
Hand Held Thickness Probe 2000

MBT 7200/7400xt - Portable Thickness Measurement Gauges
MBT 7200/7400xt - Portable Thickness Measurement Gauges
Profiler Gauge PG9800 - T
Profiler Gauge PG9800 - T
PPT3000™ - Packaging Pressure Tester
PPT3000™ - Packaging Pressure Tester

Process Pilot®
Process Pilot®
Pilot Family of Products
Pilot Family of Products

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