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With almost 40 years of history, CHUMPOWER is the largest PET blow molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, and the CHUMPOWER PET blow molding machines made in Taiwan are in stable operation in more than 103 countries. We can provide comprehensive range of services. Molds, production machines and full production lines, CHUMPOWER offers the best solutions.

Our clients are spread across the world. Even in the harshest climates (polar or tropical), CHUMPOWER machines can operating stably. At the same time, we have an extensive before-sales and aftersales team that can offer 1,200 personnel visits in global aftersales services to ensure the optimal protection for your machines.

With a production and development team that has almost 40 years of experiences in high flexibility, we can customize the requirements for every individual case to construct business tools that conform to your requirements. Regardless of whether the product is used for beverages, water, cooking oil, daily products, or cosmetics, CHUMPOWER machines can help you to achieve PET bottle production for every type of capacity.

In the past few years, CHUMPOWER has made thousands of molds with different specifications. We have experienced teams, and invested large capital in constructing a mold production center. When combined with the carefully selected high-quality materials and our stringent quality control, the molds that we made will have outstanding quality and precision, and come in different shapes. 

We have also established a cloud-based mold-designing platform so that you will be able to complete your mold designs with our mold specialists through the internet!

PET is a well-known eco-friendly packaging material that has high recycling rates, and we are committed to improve the energy conservation rate of the machines. Through methods such as gas recycling and high efficiency heating ovens, higher efficiency can be achieved with less energy, enabling you to save costs and join CHUMPOWER as an Earth-friendly green enterprise.
We are not only PET specialists, we are also your best cooperation partner in PET systems.

Our product

With twenty years of effort, the dual-axis PET blow molding machine exclusively made by CHUMPOWER has been developed into a highly productive and multi-functional machine that can completely answer the industrial demands of bottle manufacturing in both Taiwan and overseas.

One Stage Series

High Quality Assurance

One-stop production machine

  • Specially designed and developed for small volume diversified production and special bottle designs.
  • Finished products with glossy, complete, and untarnished appearances. Suitable for high-priced and high quality bottle production.
  • Fulfilled all bottle requirements with just one machine.
  • Removal of the two-stage heating, can save up to 40% electricity.

L Series

High Productivity PET Blow Molding Machine

Dual-axis extension blow molding machine

  • Can be connected to filling machine to form a blowing, filling, and capping production line.
  • Suitable for application in medium – high productivity production lines
  • Recycling system reduces the consumption of high pressure gases.

Phoenix Series

PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Reasonably priced and high stability

  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic molding group (Depending on machine model)
  • Fully electric machine models are optional.

W/L Series

Large Volume PET Blow Molding Machine

  • Highly reliable wide neck blow molding machine and equipment
  • Unique robotic arm design increases preform stability
  • Simple, effective design reduces maintenance operations and time
  • Compact design for smaller floor footprint
  • Modular design for easy maintenance


With over 20 years of experience in over 1000 sets of mold design, CHUMPOWER offers you the most reliable quality and technology.

As number one SBM manufacturer in Taiwan, CHUMPOWER also has accumulated more than 35 years of experience of preform design. 



L Series
L Series
Phoenix Series
Phoenix Series
W/L Series
W/L Series

One Stage Series-CPSB-SS10
One Stage Series-CPSB-SS10
One Stage Series-CPSB-SS70M
One Stage Series-CPSB-SS70M

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