CORPOPLAST PET pioneers since 1961

Our company has always believed in having the courage to come up with innovative developments. The founding of Corpoplast in 1975 was preceded by a long and determined phase of pioneering work on the first high-performance blow molder for the manufacture of plastic bottles.

In 2008 Corpoplast joined the KHS Group, one of the world's leading suppliers of highly innovative filling and packaging systems with over 145 years of expertise in its field. Corpoplast’s decades of PET expertise perfectly complement the extensive KHS portfolio, with which we offer our customers the full range of products and services in filling and packaging technology – from the development of individual container design concepts through single machines to turnkey lines including round-the-clock service.


There are many factors to be taken into consideration when an idea is turned into a convincing product: from planning through finding a suitable container shape and size through production, filling and labeling to the packaging process, in order that your product safely reaches its point of sale. Experience and expertise pay off here – especially if they come from a single source. Discover the many opportunities KHS can offer you for your products in PET bottles.

InnoPET Blowmax Series IV

Energy-efficient stretch blow moulding technology

up to 81.000 bottles/h


Energy-efficient stretch blow molding/filling/capping technology

up to 81.000 bottles/h


Energy-efficient stretch blow molding/labeling/filling technology

up to 82.000 bottles/h


Innovative coating technology in a compact format

Uo to 3.600 bottles/h


High-quality internal coating of your PET bottles with silicon oxide

Up to 46.000 bottles/h


Innovative stretch blow molding/coating technology for maximum product protection

Up to 40.000 bottles/h


Compact combination of stretch blow molding, coating and filling technologies

Up to 40.000 bottles/h

FreshSafe PET coating

PET bottles with a premium coating

The innovative FreshSafe PET coating system is an especially sustainable system for the optimum protection of carbonated beverages, juice, wine or sauces in PET containers.

This is made possible by an ultra-thin protective layer of silicon oxide (SiOx) or chemically pure glass which finishes the inner wall of the PET container. In this way the protective properties of a glass bottle are combined with the weight benefits of PET packaging.

The barrier protects sensitive products from oxidation and carbonated beverages from carbon dioxide loss. Another advantage is that the products keep up to seven times longer than products in standard PET containers. The SiOx barrier is also 100% transparent which means that the PET containers retain their crystal-clear appearance.

The coating system is available in a number of variants – as a single machine with an output of up to 3,600 or 46,000 bottles per hour or as a block concept. Here, KHS offers the InnoPET FreshSafe block, a stretch blow molder/coating unit for the processing of up to 40,000 bottles per hour, or the InnoPET FreshSafe TriBlock, a stretch blow molder/coater/filler unit which outputs up to 46,000 bottles per hour.


Bottles & Shapes bottle design

Complete consulting competence for the design, optimization, and production of your PET bottles

Sustainable line optimization

Extensive optimization measures for greater availability

Do you want to get the best out of your KHS plant engineering both now and in the future? Then we can help you! With our extensive range of technical and organizational line optimization measures we ensure that you always reach your production targets – with the maximum efficiency and economy.

These measures are based on detailed data collection and analysis which we use to detect and exploit all potential areas for improvement on your KHS line.  As part of our TechPack package we optimize yourline monitoring system and the overall performance of your machines to ensure that you are also best prepared for intensive phases in production. Our OrgaPack is used to create a service and maintenance concept and to improve workflows and the flow of materials. Your energy and media consumption is then analyzed and optimized with our EnergyPack.
With the help of our line optimization service you will increase the availability and productivity of your KHS system in the long term and profit from our full range of expertise.

Your benefits:

  • Long-term maximum availability of your production lines
  • Maximum efficiency through savings in energy and materials and optimization of your personnel requirements
  • Long-term high quality through analysis of any weak points and optimization of your KHS equipment

Find out more about these extensive line optimization measures from your personal customer service representative.

Upgrade Finder

Use our Upgrade Finder to find the upgrades offered for your machines quickly and easily in four steps.

Training Courses

With our training courses we support our customers long after their KHS system has been installed. We develop innovative technical systems to give you top performance. To make production as efficient as possible, it is essential that your systems are correctly operated and regularly maintained. We thus offer you a comprehensive range of basic and further training and personnel development measures on our KHS training courses.

We hold these training sessions both at our modern KHS training centers and as in-house courses on your own premises. Both options have their advantages. On a course at one of our training centers you benefit from a professional learning environment away from daily production processes, while instruction provided at your local production site enables you to learn under real conditions.

Exploit the possibilities our training courses offer you to safely master the challenges of the market – both now and in the future – and to make a name for yourself by introducing attractive HR development measures to your company.




InnoPET Blomax Series III brochureInnoPET Blomax Series III brochure
InnoPET Blomax Series III brochure
InnoPET Blomax Series III datasheetInnoPET Blomax Series III datasheet
InnoPET Blomax Series III datasheet
InnoPET Blomax Series IV brochureInnoPET Blomax Series IV brochure
InnoPET Blomax Series IV brochure

InnoPET Blomax Series IV datasheetInnoPET Blomax Series IV datasheet
InnoPET Blomax Series IV datasheet
InnoPET Blomax Series IV productsheetInnoPET Blomax Series IV productsheet
InnoPET Blomax Series IV productsheet
Bottles & Shapes™ brochureBottles & Shapes™ brochure
Bottles & Shapes™ brochure

InnoPET BloFill BlockInnoPET BloFill Block
InnoPET BloFill Block
InnoPET BloFill Block with Blomax Series IV blow molding machineInnoPET BloFill Block with Blomax Series IV blow molding machine
InnoPET BloFill Block with Blomax Series IV blow molding machine
Value added Bottling brochureValue added Bottling brochure
Value added Bottling brochure

Speed-Loc rapid exchange systemSpeed-Loc rapid exchange system
Speed-Loc rapid exchange system

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